Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tumble Dryer! I Mean Tumblr!


Well, as I am planning to even do my thesis in relation to my raging type of fandom, I thought that I might as well get properly networked on all things used by my kind.

I am still not going anywhere near soompi or 4chan though. No no. Too scary. I am not willing to go just that far into dangerous territory for a thesis. Not even for this.

So, I made a tumblr account. It basically functions as what I would have loved Twitter to be. Posting random thoughts, pictures, videos. But Twitter is one fugly mother. All you see is short texts. Good for news and random short ramblings, not good for content. So, I'll be dual-posting between there and tumblr. Will use Twitter mainly for updates to the blog and tumblr for all else. But thankfully, tumblr has a feature to post things on Twitter as well, so I don't need to chose. So, I'll be active in both. Well, "active" by my sloth standards. I am not the post-a-tweet-every-10-seconds type. I have a few blog posts coming up too. My blog is my priority.

The more perceptive of you may have also noticed the links on the top right --->

One closing comment would be that naming my tumblr "Orion's Ramblings" feels very weird. "My Ramblings" makes more sense to me, but this is for others to see so I had to use it as I have it now. But it feels weird to see my own page addressing me in third person, every time I go there to post things. Me and my weird mind...

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