Monday, December 26, 2011

The Spiritual World - Life of Death

The Spiritual World Poster

You may or may not know a Thai movie called "The Spiritual World". If you are a horror movie fan or nerd, you should really watch it. Let me put it this way. I have been watching thrillers and horror since infancy. Asian horror too. What happened when I watched it? Bricks were shat.

I loved the movie and have only watched it once, even if I usually watch the ones I love many times. Detroit Metal city i.e got a good 80 or so times in a few months since I had nothing else nice to watch at the time.

But I could not watch this movie again. I want to, because I didn't pay enough attention to it as a movie, since I was too busy hiding the screen with my hands, but I haven't found the courage yet. The movie does have sudden scary moments, yes. But it also has a wicked atmosphere that keeps you jittery and feeling oppressed throughout. And that is what a lot of horror movies lack. This movie is dark and "ugly". Both thematically and visually. I feel it is very artfully done. I was impressed.

The Spiritual World - Aaargh
That "guy" behind her? NOT my favorite "person"!!!

Also, like any good Asian horror, there is more to the story than ghosts and a girl who can see them. What Asian horror movies do well is give their ghosts or monsters a purpose and a meaning. This movie is in fact the journey of a very tortured young woman caught in a very frightening situation of seeing things which she has no idea why she is seeing. And that's the juicy part.

If you want it to remain juicy, don't read the plot synopsis for the movie at all, as whoever wrote it was an idiot kind enough to basically reveal what's going on. Which is why I am not providing a link for the info. Just find the movie and watch it.

I fully recommend this, without a doubt and if you can take some scares, but you may wonder about the second part of the title up there. "Life of Death" is a song in the soundtrack, used in the opening scene and also the end credits. It is by singer Rik Wachirapilan and my goodness, is her voice good and this song awesome.

There is no soundtrack out for the movie, as far as know since back when the movie was out and I started looking for it so you couldn't actually find it anywhere except the singer's MySpace, which featured quite a bad quality version. But this changed recently. It seems the lady has a Youtube channel and she has uploaded a crystal clear version of it. I finally noticed new elements that were not audible in the other version and it's like discovering the song all over again. It's even better than it was for me so far.

So, here is the trailer to the movie and the song!

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