Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Howling - Upcoming Korean Movie

Howling Poster

I heard about this movie a while ago, but there were no news or promotional material about it. Recently, I found some stills on Hancinema and that was it. Until now.

The official Twitter page for it followed me and it features a link on its profile. That's it, ladies and gents. We have an official site and an oh so wonderful teaser. Now, a werewolf movie might not sound like the biggest whoop to some, especially those who have lost all respect for them after Twilight. But do you know who stars in this movie? Song Kang Ho and Lee Na Young. That is right. They're about as A-list and talented as you go, so forget about screaming queens and teens. The big boys (and girls) are on this! Now, I know that a good cast does not necessarily make a good movie, that's a fact, but it helps the faith along when you have two experienced and prestigious people on board.

Following are all the stills that are out, taken from the movie's Naver page, as well as the teaser, which is just as top shelf as you would expect when such big names are on board. You may now howl with raw anticipation and joy.

>> Official Site << (Korean)

Howling 1 Howling 2

Howling 3 Howling 4

Howling 5 Howling 6

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