Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012

I jumped the gun on this for Finland here, yes, but it's already 2012 in Melbourne, Brisbane, Kiritimati (the last one was found by Googling, I admit).

It will soon be 2012 in Japan and Korea too, and since I'm part of the whole Asian fandom craze, I might as well post this now.

So, have a very happy 2012 and let's hope the Mayans got it wrong (like everyone else so far) because it would be a real bitch to miss my birthday on the 22nd of December. One damn day, Mayans. You couldn't add just one damn day...

My New Year's resolution (which I never make because it's not my tradition)? Surviving 2012 as unscathed as possible, with some relief on the financial side of things and hopefully losing a bit of weight. But with 2011 being so bad, I'll settle for surviving unscathed. :P

Come on, 2012! Happy New Year everyone! Let's make the best of it!

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