Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dancing Queen - Stills and Posters

Dancing Queen Poster1 Dancing Queen Poster 2

I'm not going to lie here. I don't like the posters much. Especially Hwang Jeong Min's. Is he sitting on the building? Jumping on it? Uhm Jung Hwa's poster is a bit better, but still, the style is just not very nice. It's a plight of many a romantic movie in Korea. Crap posters.

I think the "Chilling Romance" ones were the only ones I really like this year. As far as I remember. Let's hope "Dancing Queen" gets better posters soon though.

We also have three stills, two of them depicting both of the characters in "publicity stunt" mode and then one where it looks like the dancing cat (dancing ccaaaaaat ♥) is out of the bag and reporters are swarming to ask the poor, oblivious man what he thinks of his wife's midlife crisis.

I still like what I see, in general.

Dancing Queen 7 Dancing Queen 8
Dancing Queen 9

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