Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dancing Queen - Been Waiting a While

Dancing Queen 1

I caught news of the movie quite a while back, when it was first announced. I didn't need to see much besides he names Hwang Jeong Min and Uhm Jeong Hwa to look further and when I read the synopsis to what I assume is going to be a romantic comedy, I was sold. How could I not be?

"Dancing Queen" is basically about a situation where a man is gunning for mayor while his missus decides to cope with her raging mid-life crisis by means of becoming a dancer/singer without telling her politician hubby. Yep, that won't cause a mess.

The first few stills for the movie are out as well as a teaser. It looks good and I'm really looking forward to it. I love both actors and I think it will be refreshing to see them together in a nice light movie. I do hope it highlights some problems of society, like wives having to play the "smile and look perfect" role just so they will elevate their husbands and their status. Or how people are too dependent on what others think and don't sometimes go for what they want out of fear of being judged. Also, how women in their 40s can have major loss of self-respect due to a society that focuses too much on "young and flawless". But I do hope it does not go too melo.

Here are the goodies.

Dancing Queen 2 Dancing Queen 3

Dancing Queen 4 Dancing Queen 5

Dancing Queen 6 Dancing Queen 7

Images taken from the movie's Naver page.

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