Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Changed the Blog Name - The Origin of Orion

Men in Black Poster

My blog is now called "Orion's Ramblings". Until now, I was using a line from the game "Silent Hill 2". This blog was actually made involuntarily-ish, when I was studying Finnish language. A teacher who was in charge of computer education there wanted to help me with my work practice search and get me connected and networked. He thought a blog was a good start to get active in social media. I wasn't even sure what a blog was, back then, so I just went along. But now, I'm glad I did it.

So, he showed me some basics and I made this blog. I was using it very scarcely and mostly for short news and random things, until I started getting more into it during the last couple of years. So, big thank you to that teacher!

This will mess up my search engine hits, possibly, but it's ok. This is a personal site for my craziness and opinions anyway so while audience is appreciated, I don't need worshipers and huge traffic. Plus, those who like me can find me again. And those who don't.


But a little bit about the name. Orion. Well, one obvious clue to be found from this is that I do love the universe and all it contains. I wanted to be an astronomer as a child. But the thing is, I wanted to be that because I loved science fiction movies and wanted to find aliens (damn you, "Contact"!). I just loved the idea of different planets, and stars, a vast beautiful thing. But I realized astronomy wasn't as fancy and imaginary as I had thought so that wish went bye bye soon. Plus, math. Brrr.

As a movie nerd, I was watching "Men in Black" when it came out. In this movie, they are looking to save a galaxy and the only clue they have is that "the galaxy is on Orion's belt". Said "Orion" turned out to be a kitty one alien in the movie kept as a pet. Kitty + cool movie + astronomy. Yeah, I was hooked.


This is Orion, by the way

It became my dream then, to eventually get a nice ash/blue colored cat and name it Orion. So I started using that as my online nickname since about 2000 or so. It's been with me ever since and I'm very attached to it.

And even if I didn't find real aliens, I ended up a Kang Dong Won fan, or as my mom un-lovingly calls him, "Alien". So I guess I'm still attracted to weirdness.

So, to commemorate this change, here is the trailer for "Men in Black III". I hope it's a fun movie and I am thankful to the original for the entertainment and the nickname.

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