Thursday, December 8, 2011

Camellia - Thailand DVD Release Date

Camellia Thai DVD Front Camellia Thai DVD Back
Yes, they actually mixed "Kamome" and "Love For Sale" up...

It was released yesterday. Yes, ladies and probably no gentlemen. The Camellia DVD is out! Which made me almost kyaa when I saw it as I did not expect it for a while.

Right before I realized that the audio for this is Thai. Thai only, if the info is correct. Thailand... Why are you trolling me so? Why do you toy with my fangirl brain?

So, not about to party just yet and if the trailer dubbing was anything to go by, then this must be awful. Maybe we'll have better luck with a Japanese DVD. Of course, if Korea finally woke the hell up and realized it's the only country out of the three not releasing this mainly-Korean project and doing so, we'd all be happier.

Love For Sale From Korea
"From Korea", you say? Why, maybe Korea would want to promote that then.

But here is the link anyway. For all the quite rich and obsessed fans who will buy this anyway, just so they can have every bit of merchandise there is with "oppa's" face and name on it. Fangirls don't mind dubbing anyway. Quality is not their top priority.

What I find quite interesting is the rating. PG-13? Someone made a comment on a "graphic" sex scene at some point and I did say I am suspicious of that statement, since some fangirls find a light touching of hands sexual. So, I am very curious to see just what this scene is like. And curious to see the person who found whatever this is "graphic". 13-year-old prude fangirl who hates herself for even having naughty thoughts of "oppa" when it's indecent? Gotta love that opposite extreme too.

As for the DMM videos, no news. No one has uploaded them on Youtube yet. Which is getting quite annoying. But the Kang Dong Won MV was uploaded. I guess they don't like the other 2-3 videos since "oppa" is hardly in them. But hey, some of us would love to see those too. The ones that won't get the DVD and don't live in Japan. Just sayin'.

So, get your credit cards out, kyaagirls. You have some buying to do.

Poor Visa

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