Friday, December 23, 2011

Camellia - Japan DVD Release Date

Camellia Japan Release

I am contemplating something here... Should I give you the info on this release at the risk of you signing off on me due to fainting or talk a bit about the date and other things first? Ok ok. I'm not that mean.

Camellia is coming out late March (if the release date does not change).

Subtitles: Japanese. Audio: Korean.

Before I hyperventilate, I can say I've taken a peek at the Thai version, without sound. The movie does not look as artsy as I thought it would be, but I can't say if it has well-placed things to say or not. I need audio and story for that.

What I can say from the few scenes I checked out (waiting on a proper DVD to watch the whole thing) is that Iron Pussy is a kick ass lady and I just love her.

Iron Pussy in awesome clothes

As for the "Love for Sale" segment... I... How do I put this without sounding like the complete rotten woman that I am... If the meme was real, bits of my womanhood would be in different time zones by now. It's a movie for the Kang Dong Won fans and fangirls, definitely. He is absolutely breathtaking here. I need the audio to better judge his acting, but it looked quite good. Also, the chemistry he has with Song Hye Kyo could bring down a planet.

The last 15 or so minutes of the movie are basically him strapped to a bed, with her on top of him and the whole story unfolding for us and the characters. As I said, I can't tell without audio, but their expression was really engaging. I did not want to tear my eyes away from either one.

And Song Hye Kyo. My goodness, what a stunning woman. She is gorgeous here and I like what I see so hopefully I'll like what I hear too.

As for the kissing, what I saw was realistic, which makes it good. No kissing from 5 feet away and no swallowing people whole either. It looked natural because it didn't look "rehearsed" for the camera. Hell, that "hotter" one had noses colliding, lips all over the place. Kisses aren't always as "pretty" as shown on TV. Which made it hotter, in a way.

My reaction to the news

But look at me ranting. Info! Info!

Some kind of info, mini-preview in Japanese

DVD information from HMV (in English)

DVD page from

And more links will be added when they pop up. If they have pictures and such with them, they will get a separate post. If not, check back here for updates.

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