Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What Has Been Seen...

Cannot be unseen

Or read, rather. I was searching for Camellia online. I ended up in the tumblr tag for kmovie and snooped around a bit, until I stumbled onto this lovely blog.

Carie here has done a review of "Too Beautiful To Lie" and since I do have a special love for that movie and made my own review on it, I thought I'd take a look. Nice reading and one line, in particular, changed my obsession forever.

- Is it weird every time I see Kang Dong-Won, who plays Hee-Chul in case you forgot, I am reminded of Kif from Futurama?

I laughed and nearly choked when I read that. I laughed and still am. Why did you do that, good woman? Now I will never get that image out of my head. Not only that, but I always found Kif adorable and will now get even sappier and girlier when I make that connection! You destroyed me! XD

Poor them. Not good with them microphones or public speaking. Or fashion...

And I'm sure my mother will be very pleased that more people think he looks like an alien, as that is what she calls him in greek and even what I've come to call him, as I am used to it by now. But hey, Kif is romantic, loyal and will even bear your kids for you. There are a lot worse aliens to associate a guy with. He's also shier than shit, messes up his words and is very awkward so at least those qualities are very much in keeping with Kang Dong Won's public persona.

There we have it then. Forever cursed to think of Kif when I see Kang Dong Won and vice versa, increasing the chances of kyaaing, awwing and smiling shamelessly, very girlishly and uncontrollably each time either one occurs or even comes to mind.

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