Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pepero Day (11/11) - Om nom nom

Pepero Day

I am not a Valentine's Day or Pepero Day or Whatever Day person. Not because I am single (although there are such pathetic people too), but because I believe some things should be shown and appreciated throughout our lives and don't need a dedicated day. I get such holidays. People get together, there is food, fun, products, shopping etc. But let's call these celebrations for what they are. A chance to eat, buy, meet people and get laid, in this occasion.

Pepero Day is a Korean version of Valentine's Day that is mainly about one thing. Pepero. Cripsy and slightly salty sticks covered in chocolate (the basic form of it). These sell well during this day and that's what the holiday is about. There is also a Pepero game, where the couple each bite one end of the stick and try to chew it as short as they can without their lips touching. Friends do it too, for the laughs.

That Fool Pepero
The "That Fool" couple didn't do so well...

The Table Pepero
Better, but I would have dragged him to a soundproof room with sturdy furniture by now.

So, it's basically yet another sad day for men, because a)they have to pretend they are the type of romantic Prince Charming their wuv-obsessed (fan)girls dream they are, which is not what most real men are like and b)because they have to result to such a way to get some lip action and signal the bird-brained idiots they are dating that they want sex, as all young men do. But a happy day for those who succeed or the truly lovey/awwz romantic ones.

And this is the part where I admit, I like this day. I like it because I like Pepero. And it's a chance to get nice presents. But if a guy gave me Pepero with the "I wuv you and think this is the kind of "stick" I need to give you to show I dig you" pretense, I would hate the hypocrisy. If he told me "They have Pepero offers today so I got you some candy you'll like", I'd love him. Because I'd have an honest, practical, frugal man who is also nice enough to get me presents when they will not burn our budget.

So I went and bought Pepero from our local Asian market. I have to say, the Almond Pepero is by far better than the plain one. Which is why it never lived to see the next day. Gone within hours.

Almond Pepero
It made me do it!

Another non-Pepero Day related candy I got was Choco Pie. Also yummy. I hate marshmallow, but it actually does taste nice the way they've done it. And look, it's by "Orion" foods. It was calling me...

Choco Pie
And in this context "Eat me" was not offending.

So, Happy Pepero Day and I hope you enjoy some nice candy and a lot of attention from your boyfriends. Just give the guys a brake, if they are good ones and be extra nice to them for their efforts and appreciative of them. As for the guys, don't blow your budget to have her blow something back. If candy sticks are the only kind she welcomes or if she needs that as a motive to tend her boyfriend, you have much bigger problems with her than monetary ones...

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