Thursday, November 10, 2011

Magic - Greek Music in Korean Drama

Magic Spaced

I've said it before. Koreans sometimes feel like Asia's Greeks. We do have our differences, of course, but we also seem to have a lot of similarities. Some Kentertainment-loving greek friends of mine feel the same. If you watch enough Korean movies and dramas, you can start to see the common ground we have.

The very first Korean series I watched (only some movies before that) was "You're Beautiful", back in 2009. It was the scene when Minam's lie about being in the hospital was uncovered, when a guy selling eggs in his truck passed by, talking about his products from his loudspeaker.

I remember me and my mother being very surprised about it and laughing. That is a very common thing in Greece. Especially smaller areas and islands. Waking up at the crack of dawn because someone is driving by screaming about the lovely fishes he is selling is an everyday thing. And we have noticed tons of other similarities since then. Cultural, behavioral, practical everyday things. A lot.

But it turns out, Greek music is not something completely unknown to Korea either. As I mentioned in a previous article, we've heard many songs that are probably remakes of old greek songs, even if we can't quite place which ones they are.

Nana Mouskouri's "Over and Over" was featured in City Hunter recently. The character of Nana chose it for a wedding anniversary.

Also, Agni Baltsa's song "A good (white) day for us as well" was featured in the movie Cyrano Dating Agency.

But it didn't surprise me. I had already received my shock with Magic. There I am, watching the series, relaxing and suddenly, I hear Vandi's "Geia" playing. Hearing such a famous song from your country in a series from the other side of the world is not exactly something you expect.

For a moment, I actually thought I had lost it. "Can fangirl obsessions really drive you mad?", I thought. Luckily, my mother was in her room so I called her over to verify.

The song is featured during a fashion show. The mother of the second female character (Yeon Jin) owns the company organizing it. Kang Dong Won's character (Kang Jae) has set his eyes on said daughter, because he basically wants to carve his way into owning the company by means of marriage.

It's actually quite interesting that they used the song exactly as they did, because the words "I will fade (die) if I don't see you" play exactly when Yeon Jin turns around and sees Kang Jae staring at her. Mighty well-placed, even if they didn't know they had done it. Or maybe someone did.

So, here is the scene from the series.

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