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Kang Dong Won - 1 Year and The Army Blues

Kang Dong Won Army1

It's already been one year since Kang Dong Won entered in the army. I am getting so depressed over this. How I miss my oppa... Oppaaa! Come back to me quick!!!

Oh come on, how can I not joke about this? It's begging for it! And since I have been thinking about the issue of army due to this "anniversary" and what with others now enlisting as well, I thought I'd make a little article about it.

See, I get a fan being sad about such a thing. Or rather, displeased. You know you won't have any new works of the actor you admire for a while and then there's the issue of how long it will take before they find, film and release a project after the army. It's a big pause and an uncertainty to boot.

Finding Mr.Destiny
It took Gong Yoo a year after service to release his next project

But actually getting depressed over some guy you don't know going into the army, that's going into the "mental issues" territory of the fangirl realm again.

You look at celebrities' enlistment "events" and you see hordes of crying wailing girls, lamenting over this as if they're at the man's funeral. Just because he'll be enjoying some peace from their kyaaing for 2 years. All these girls do, for days upon days and probably months after the enlistment, is talk about how much they miss their oppa and how painful it is for them.

I would understand and accept such reactions from people with depression or maybe personal issues that manifest as crying, but either every hardcore fangirl is suffering from depression or the problem is much more complicated.

Scariest of all, perhaps, is the fact that this is not limited to teenagers. One would expect such reactions from them. Their logic is not exactly at its prime and hormones are a very powerful thing; one that tends to override logic, even when it's there. But these reactions come from older women too. Women you would think have lived long enough to see the bigger picture and comprehend the issue for what it is, which is certainly not something to cry your eyes out over.

Older woman
Unless she is Rain's mother or aunt, this is a bit too much

The issue here is that such "fans" don't operate on logic. To them, the celebrity is their imaginary boyfriend. They are losing the man they "love" for 2 whole years. Unfortunately, the fact that the imaginary person they are in love with is not the person whose image they like escapes their damaged heads.

There is also the influence of the masses. These reactions are often the cause of mass hysteria. But just because it "happens" does not make it right. Being so deeply influenced by others and losing total sight of the weight and seriousness of the situation is not something we should be proud of as people.

It's also another sign of fangirl arrogance. They overestimate their importance to the person. Hons, did you think about the man's parents? His girlfriend? They are the ones who have the right to complain and be depressed because they actually mean something to the man other than being his next paycheck and audience.

But wait. I am judging by real world rules here. An "oppa" does not have parents. They are the "imaginary in-laws" and no fangirl would want them in her fantasies. And I said the "g-word" too. No no. An "oppa" cannot have a girfriend! He's "mine"!

Heechul 1
Kim Heechul's girlfriend

Heechul 2
Kim Heechul's other girlfriend. Apparently.

And so, the internet is filled with cries begging the man to come back, as if that will somehow make the 2-year mandatory service shorter. The cries subside and then we have the anniversary, which is just another round of woes and "poor lonely me".

Depression over military service is just one of the ways through which the instability of fangirls becomes obvious. Crying is one thing. Everyone cries. There is no shame in that. And someone might cry at such an event for a number of reasons. I'm not holier than thou here. If I ever met my at-the-time celebrity crush, I'd probably cry too, afterwards. But it would be because of the shock or perhaps the relief of something so nice happening to me. I would be crying for personal reasons, not because I saw some stranger up close. I would also be aware of those real reasons.

But these girls and women devote their days and nights to idol worshiping. They prepare signs and clothing especially for such occasions. Furthermore, they actually believe that the reason they are crying is because they genuinely love and miss the person enlisting. At least that is what they express. And that is why I consider this a problem. Because, yet again, that line between reality and fiction is blurred beyond recognition.

Eric Moon
Eric's enlistment day, as you can tell by his name being everywhere and the crying

So, instead of applying crazy rules of censorship in entertainment, which has been quite a recurring theme in Korea, maybe facing the real issues would be more helpful. Maybe funds should go there and the way the entertainment industry hooks these people should change, because it sure as heck isn't the content which is doing the most harm here. Hiding the dust under the carpet does not make your house clean.

So, sobbing is not what you'll get from me. From me, you'll have a big "Yay, we're half way there!" and my admittance that I do miss Kang Dong Won because a) I want to see his work and b) I find him attractive and want to see/hear him.

There. Is it so difficult to be honest with one's self and others? He is hot, he has a nice voice, I am a semi-healthy woman and I fancy him. And that's as "deep" as a fangirl/celebrity relationship gets, no matter how you try to present it as "love".

I also find him a very good actor (liked his work first and then "fell for" him because of it) so I really want to see what he will do next and watch his progress as an artist and someone with very interesting presence on-screen and charisma.

Kang Dong Won Army2
I do have to admit that I find his army look adorkable though

As for his public persona, as far as I see from interviews and such, he looks like a nice enough and slightly weird guy and I have positive feelings for what he presents. But that's just what it is. Just segments of personality and usually fabricated ones, created to promote an image. You don't "know" your crushes, girls.

Chances are, I'll get another celebrity crush before he's even out of the army and then I'll only have a) to think about, since I'll have a new face for the imaginary boyfriend which I keep far away from reality and real persons.

But until then, happy one year anniversary to him. Hope he's doing well in there and eating! Most importantly, eating! Or the next time he has wire action, he'll probably fling away in his weightlessness and end up hugging some power pole.

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