Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Couples - Another One On My Radar

Couples Poster

Korea really doesn't have many nice romantic comedies. As far as movies go, that is. There are some, but most of those few either go for tragedy and illnesses and melo (despite being called comedies) or then they really don't engage with their romance.

But this year seems like a nice one, at least in the comedy and laughs department. There are already the two movies "Chilling Romance" and "Many a little romance" that I am looking forward to, but another one was just added. One of the actresses reeled me in.

And that actress is Lee Si Yeong. I first saw her in the flop "Playfull Kiss" with Kim "The Table" Hyun Joong. A series which I really liked, actually. As far as I'm concerned, it kept the warmth and spirit of the original and I respect it for that. But anyway, Lee's character was the second pretty antagonist. But she was no bitch. She was a nice and smart woman and quite balanced as a character. She did not resort to underhanded moves to get the guy she wanted, but still fought fair for what she wanted. And when it was time to give up, she bowed down gracefully.

Lee Si Yeong - Playful Kiss
Her intro was "bitchy" though. Good thing there is someone with expression in this shot...

I liked Lee because she made the character quite "the rich pretty girl", but not obnoxiously so. Then I watched "Clash of the Families", which instantly became one of my favorite Korean movies and completely fell for her as an actress. Because her cuteness is genuinely cute, not "aegyo" cute, which frankly makes me want to hit the people who do it, men and women alike. Unless it's with a mate and there's a pretty clear reason why you'd sometimes do it then.

So, Lee Si Yeong has my stamp of approval. She is a decent actress from what I've seen so far, she is likable and she picks up interesting works. I don't blame her for BOF. At least she used the boost well. Like Lee Min Ho did.

Which brings us to "Couples". A movie about people with quite pathetic, probably hilarious and different takes on "romance". I liked the trailer and I will watch it.

I'd usually give you some stills and a trailer, but the posters for this are quite cute and descriptive of the characters so I'll give you those. More at Hancinema.

Couples Poster 1 Couples Poster 2

Couples Poster 3 Couples Poster 4

Couples Poster 5

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