Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chilling Romance - Short MV & SBS Spoiler Video

Poor poor guy

No major spoilers in the spoiler video, so don't worry. It's just the name of the show, I guess. Following that, there is a short 1 minute MV from the movie. Nice relaxing song. Nothing too special, but it's ok for such a movie. It's called "Waterfalls" and it's by Junggigo (정기고).

As for the other video, the presenters are far more annoying than any spoilers would be. That has to be one of the things I hate about such shows in Asia. For crying out loud, we want to see the video and think for ourselves! Or do you not consider us smart enough to enjoy the scenes with our own thoughts? Then again, with the kind of audiences they have to deal with, I wouldn't blame them for having such doubts.

A lot of funny scenes here though. Even the cardboard box one! I just love how he's shaking. Who knows how long he's been in there. Awww. Poor chicken. He doesn't need soju, love. He needs food. Another one lost to the skinny curse. Damn it, men, stop losing weight! What is it with them all?

Also, loved his kiss fantasy. He's a total scaredy-cat and likes his women wild. He's so maso... I especially loved his surprised and hurt look after the slap. So cute.

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