Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chilling Romance - More Stills and New Trailer


More stills taken from Hancinema and Naver and also a new, longer trailer. I have no words for this, really. No way to further express how wonderful this looks without repeating myself. My werdz fail me by now.

There is one slightly worrying issue about this new footage, however. That scene with the signs dropping and the fact that it is still listed as melodrama/horror/comedy in Naver and elsewhere alike.

Koreans have a bit too big a love for tragedies and even manage to squeeze them into comedies, but not always in a way that I appreciate as a viewer or someone who can tell good storytelling from sugar-coated crap.

However, because of this obsession with tragedy, it's also hard to predict what a Korean movie will turn out to be. And as they do throw the scare of him dying in the trailer, I personally feel reassured it won't be so.

He might piss his pants a few times, since he seems about as confident with the supernatural as a germophobe would with a public toilet, but I don't see him dying. He better not. This looks like it will be released around Christmas and it's for ages 12+ so I don't think dying of the lead character would be involved.

But anyway, here are the stills and trailer. When something of better quality is out, from these, I will replace it with the higher quality here.

Spellbound26 Spellbound27

Spellbound28 Spellbound29


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