Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cats! So Many Cats! In "Dancing Cat"!

Dancing Cat
This just cat-apults me into a sea of "awwww"!

A documentary solely about cats! A whole documentary dedicated to cats and photography! A whole documentary on catography!!! Am I cating weird??!!

Of course I am! Do they not know that someone like me loses all composure and the power of education when they show me such creatures?

"Dancing Cat" is an upcoming South Korean film about the work of poet Lee Yong Han and his affection for all these lovely kittehs. He photographs them and even names those he sees often in his neighborhood.

Being Greek and prone to kyaaing, I am really fond of cats and used to them. We have many stray cats in Greece, unfortunately, but because they are around all the time, they are very much part of our culture. That is, when bastards don't kill them because they insult their delicate nature or something. We have a lot of cruel people and virtually non-existent system to protect animals from them. Unfortunately.

But we have good people too. People like this gentleman, who love animals and love giving a little something back to nature. Many good individuals in Greece take care of such kitties, feed them at a regular basis and even "adopt" them sometimes.

I really can't wait for this work. It's so nice to see such a special category of animals and how they live and adapt all around us.

I just need to mentally prepare myself, for this may very well kill me with cuteness. Or I might overcute myself into another dimension. It's just this cat-egory of work that cat-ers to my kyaa-gland a bit too well. Purrease documentary, be kind to me...

Dancing Cat1 Dancing Cat2

Dancing Cat3 Dancing Cat4

More on this on its Hancinema page.

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