Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Camellia - Last Promos Out (Probably)

I swear, they don't get much prettier than this without going to the ugly "creepy doll" side

I have pictures and I will eventually have videos, since most of them can't be accessed by anyone outside Japan right now. The official site has a new video and DMM has many. The minute those hit Youtube, I'll post them.

The movie was released in Japan on October 22nd. No idea how it's been doing, but I am guessing any and every Kang Dong Won fangirl in Japan has seen it. Lucky them.

But the stills are from all three segments and the videos themselves have some more on "Iron Pussy" and "Kamome", with emphasis on "Kamome" since it's the Japanese segment and these materials are from Japan.

I only have 3 "Kamome" press conference videos for now.

I am afraid that if this goes the way Thailand's promotional campaign went, these are about the last new things we'll see of this until some DVD release. So, fingers, arms and legs crossed that we'll get a DVD of this soon. If not with English subs, then at least Japanese, Chinese, Thai. Any kind of subs that can be translated.

So here are the photos and videos.

Kamome HQ Kamome HQ 2

Iron Pussy BTS Iron Pussy Bag

Iron Pussy Dance

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