Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chilling Romance - Short MV & SBS Spoiler Video

Poor poor guy

No major spoilers in the spoiler video, so don't worry. It's just the name of the show, I guess. Following that, there is a short 1 minute MV from the movie. Nice relaxing song. Nothing too special, but it's ok for such a movie. It's called "Waterfalls" and it's by Junggigo (정기고).

As for the other video, the presenters are far more annoying than any spoilers would be. That has to be one of the things I hate about such shows in Asia. For crying out loud, we want to see the video and think for ourselves! Or do you not consider us smart enough to enjoy the scenes with our own thoughts? Then again, with the kind of audiences they have to deal with, I wouldn't blame them for having such doubts.

A lot of funny scenes here though. Even the cardboard box one! I just love how he's shaking. Who knows how long he's been in there. Awww. Poor chicken. He doesn't need soju, love. He needs food. Another one lost to the skinny curse. Damn it, men, stop losing weight! What is it with them all?

Also, loved his kiss fantasy. He's a total scaredy-cat and likes his women wild. He's so maso... I especially loved his surprised and hurt look after the slap. So cute.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chilling Bromance

Cannot be unseen

Because this picture is too funny and cute for words. I especially love Park Cheol Min's not-tense-at-all look and posture. This picture deserves its own post.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What Has Been Seen...

Cannot be unseen

Or read, rather. I was searching for Camellia online. I ended up in the tumblr tag for kmovie and snooped around a bit, until I stumbled onto this lovely blog.

Carie here has done a review of "Too Beautiful To Lie" and since I do have a special love for that movie and made my own review on it, I thought I'd take a look. Nice reading and one line, in particular, changed my obsession forever.

- Is it weird every time I see Kang Dong-Won, who plays Hee-Chul in case you forgot, I am reminded of Kif from Futurama?

I laughed and nearly choked when I read that. I laughed and still am. Why did you do that, good woman? Now I will never get that image out of my head. Not only that, but I always found Kif adorable and will now get even sappier and girlier when I make that connection! You destroyed me! XD

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chilling Romance - 3 New Stills and 3 Videos


I hate Koreans... I hate them because they will get to watch this in cinemas, at Christmas, while we wait here for months to get a DVD release.

Ok, I don't really hate them. But I am damn jealous of them. Still, us here who are not part of the WORLD (a few countries in Asia and, occasionally, the US) can just find some comfort in all the nice promotional material that comes out, until we can finally get our hands on it.

So here are the stills and videos. Lots of kissing in this one. Oh my, call the KCC!!!!

Kang Dong Won - Calendar Photos Part 1

Calendar 1

This is the first out of 5 parts of some nice calendar pictures of Kang Dong Won.

The rest: Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

I am not sure they are from the same calendar, as some do appear to be from another batch. The quality is mostly very nice, but some are a bit smaller than others and of course, you don't need me to tell you where I got them because these girls' love stamps are all over them, often at very annoying places and even many times within a picture.

I don't get people who go all bleeding heart and provide you with something after they royally mess it up, just so you won't have the best of the best they do. Either don't upload them or stop marking them as if you did anything but scan them. Often badly. Which is why I removed the signature from the above picture, as it was a god awful scan which I had to work on in Photoshop to make it look as tolerable as it looks now. And despite having done actual work on it, I did not put my name there, because I don't feel I have the right too. Unfortunately, these scanners don't feel the same. But at least we have pictures thanks to them.

A lot of the pictures are of the same photoshoot, outfit and setting, but I scrambled them a bit to give you more variety in each batch. Enjoy.

Calendar 2 Calendar 3

Calendar 4 Calendar 5

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kang Dong Won - 1 Year and The Army Blues

Kang Dong Won Army1

It's already been one year since Kang Dong Won entered in the army. I am getting so depressed over this. How I miss my oppa... Oppaaa! Come back to me quick!!!

Oh come on, how can I not joke about this? It's begging for it! And since I have been thinking about the issue of army due to this "anniversary" and what with others now enlisting as well, I thought I'd make a little article about it.

See, I get a fan being sad about such a thing. Or rather, displeased. You know you won't have any new works of the actor you admire for a while and then there's the issue of how long it will take before they find, film and release a project after the army. It's a big pause and an uncertainty to boot.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chilling Romance - 4 New Stills and Promo Pic


Wot wuz I gunna sei? The cuteness disabled me...

Oh yes. Four new stills from the movie's page on Naver here.

Couples - Another One On My Radar

Couples Poster

Korea really doesn't have many nice romantic comedies. As far as movies go, that is. There are some, but most of those few either go for tragedy and illnesses and melo (despite being called comedies) or then they really don't engage with their romance.

But this year seems like a nice one, at least in the comedy and laughs department. There are already the two movies "Chilling Romance" and "Many a little romance" that I am looking forward to, but another one was just added. One of the actresses reeled me in.

And that actress is Lee Si Yeong. I first saw her in the flop "Playfull Kiss" with Kim "The Table" Hyun Joong. A series which I really liked, actually. As far as I'm concerned, it kept the warmth and spirit of the original and I respect it for that. But anyway, Lee's character was the second pretty antagonist. But she was no bitch. She was a nice and smart woman and quite balanced as a character. She did not resort to underhanded moves to get the guy she wanted, but still fought fair for what she wanted. And when it was time to give up, she bowed down gracefully.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop - Some Cable Freshness

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

This new romantic comedy series has started airing over at tvN, a Korean cable channel. Big whoop, you'd tell me. Another rom-com from Korea. What's new, right? Quite a lot, I will say to you. Because romantic comedy is a very good genre to play "spot the difference" between the government controlled public television (for the most part, because there have been wonderful exceptions) and the corporate owned cable television.

For those who do not know this and have not read any of my previous articles on this, here is the short explanation. Public television is controlled by people and laws that use dated and sometimes even fascist ideology and practices when it comes to content. This means that, in public television, gay characters are not tolerated, a divorced woman is tainted and has no right to live, work and love and people are virgins until after their wedding, even if they are 30+ years old. Ok, not on all series, but these are some of the extreme and quite common issues that will seem plain weird and creepy to anyone living in the modern world.

We've had some fine and scary examples of that form of attempted (and often achieved) censorship lately, when the Korean Communications Commission and the Korean Advertisers Association started making a fuss about things which they deem harmful for audiences and which any person living in a modern society would consider plain crazy.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pepero Day (11/11) - Om nom nom

Pepero Day

I am not a Valentine's Day or Pepero Day or Whatever Day person. Not because I am single (although there are such pathetic people too), but because I believe some things should be shown and appreciated throughout our lives and don't need a dedicated day. I get such holidays. People get together, there is food, fun, products, shopping etc. But let's call these celebrations for what they are. A chance to eat, buy, meet people and get laid, in this occasion.

Pepero Day is a Korean version of Valentine's Day that is mainly about one thing. Pepero. Cripsy and slightly salty sticks covered in chocolate (the basic form of it). These sell well during this day and that's what the holiday is about. There is also a Pepero game, where the couple each bite one end of the stick and try to chew it as short as they can without their lips touching. Friends do it too, for the laughs.

Magic - Greek Music in Korean Drama

Magic Spaced

I've said it before. Koreans sometimes feel like Asia's Greeks. We do have our differences, of course, but we also seem to have a lot of similarities. Some Kentertainment-loving greek friends of mine feel the same. If you watch enough Korean movies and dramas, you can start to see the common ground we have.

The very first Korean series I watched (only some movies before that) was "You're Beautiful", back in 2009. It was the scene when Minam's lie about being in the hospital was uncovered, when a guy selling eggs in his truck passed by, talking about his products from his loudspeaker.

I remember me and my mother being very surprised about it and laughing. That is a very common thing in Greece. Especially smaller areas and islands. Waking up at the crack of dawn because someone is driving by screaming about the lovely fishes he is selling is an everyday thing. And we have noticed tons of other similarities since then. Cultural, behavioral, practical everyday things. A lot.

"Dancing Cat" - More cating!!!

Dancing Cat1

More and more news from the documentary "Dancing Cat" which I wrote about a few days back. For you can never have enough of this.

An article came out today, over at the Korea JoongAng Daily, talking about the documentary and how it aims to change how people view stray cats in South Korea, as they are seen mostly as a nuisance and as scary.

Along with that, we have a new long trailer for it.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Chilling Romance - New Goodies


Two stills, one poster and a couple of videos. And yes, they are as cute as ever.
One of the videos is a teaser with the leads, the other is about the poster making.

And just in case anyone had doubts about this being inspired by Tim Burton, look at Lee Min Ki's socks in this new poster. Striped ones. Black and white. That is a Burton standard right there.

The Crucible - U.S Release and Charity

"The Crucible" is being released in the States and there is a whole flood of info about it. First of all, we have an official site in English to promote the movie.

There are also a charity t-shirt that can be purchased, the money from which will be used to support the children who suffered during and after the Inhwa case.

There is this really good Hancinema article on this, complete with links to the site selling the t-shirt, timelessbrand.net as well as many other new links for the movie.

Halloween Blog Theme 2011

KDW Halloween Theme

Inspired by the style of a specific photoshoot. I used some ready brushes, an old movie texture (both done by others) and some other Photoshop tricks to make it.

Blog Twitter - I Feel So Dirty...


I have been resisting Twitter for a long time now. Years. But I decided to make one anyway. I made it to post stuff related to what I write about on the blog. Kentertainment and such.

I know there are ways to tweet all older posts, but I want to do this manually, as I don't want to post them all. So, a lot of work ahead of me. No idea if I will keep this, but we'll see. I'll test drive it.

I know nothing about this service and having popped my Twitter cherry just now, I have no idea how to link to my channel properly, but I guess try: Orion21_ItsYou

Sunday, November 6, 2011

AddThis - I Haz Buttehns!


I started using AddThis. As you can see at the footer of each post. You can share a post on many services now. It has the basics of Facebook and Twitter, along with Google. The ones you can see right away.

It has about 350 services in total, which is awesome. If you click on the +Share button, you can choose the one you like. Only got 1 share so far so no idea how this will go and how useful it will be. If it's not, it will go.

I know people visit my blog as I do have hits through Blogger Stats, but I have no idea how many stay and read or even like what I write. I guess I'll find out now, although I have a funny feeling very few give a damn. XD

But still, I love playing around with these services, as annoying as they sometimes get. So, more fun and education for me, no matter what the results.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Too Beautiful To Lie Review at Hancinema

TBTL Poster

And it can be found here. The original one can be found by clicking on the "Reviews" tag on the sidebar here -->.

Again, slight moderation, but nothing major. This is the third most popular post here in the blog so I hope people find it useful at Hancinema as well.

Chilling Romance - More Stills and New Trailer


More stills taken from Hancinema and Naver and also a new, longer trailer. I have no words for this, really. No way to further express how wonderful this looks without repeating myself. My werdz fail me by now.

There is one slightly worrying issue about this new footage, however. That scene with the signs dropping and the fact that it is still listed as melodrama/horror/comedy in Naver and elsewhere alike.

Koreans have a bit too big a love for tragedies and even manage to squeeze them into comedies, but not always in a way that I appreciate as a viewer or someone who can tell good storytelling from sugar-coated crap.

However, because of this obsession with tragedy, it's also hard to predict what a Korean movie will turn out to be. And as they do throw the scare of him dying in the trailer, I personally feel reassured it won't be so.

He might piss his pants a few times, since he seems about as confident with the supernatural as a germophobe would with a public toilet, but I don't see him dying. He better not. This looks like it will be released around Christmas and it's for ages 12+ so I don't think dying of the lead character would be involved.

But anyway, here are the stills and trailer. When something of better quality is out, from these, I will replace it with the higher quality here.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Camellia - Japanese Trailer Song

Camellia Hug

Thanks to this well informed blogger, I found the song from the Japanese trailer for this movie. Some new Kang Dong Won pictures too, so woo hoo for that.

Here we have an older version by Lee Mi Bae, a newer one by Park Yoon Kyeong and the original. According to the description on the first video:

Melody is from "Danube Waves".
Korean song title: Hymn of Death
A young Korean woman named Yoon Shin-deok, who wrote the song, jumped overboard into the Korean Straight and committed suicide in 1930s.

So, appropriate for Camellia, I guess. I mean, save for the "Iron Pussy" segment, perhaps, I don't see a bright future for the others.

Here are the songs for you. I prefer Lee's version myself. Love her deep voice.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kang Dong Won Works - A Quick Guide Part 2

Kang Dong Won Movies

Part 2 of a Quick Guide into Kang Dong Won works. Part 1 can be found here.

I describe things with him as the center. For the movies I really really liked, I make reviews and cover more there. These go by chronological order from old to new.

For more information on them, click on their titles to be taken to their Hancinema pages and use your good and informed friend Google.

This post includes the works between 2007 and 2010.

Seol Woon Do - Yeoja Yeoja Yeoja (여자 여자 여자)

Pepper Boy

Some songs are just so nice. Take such a nice song and combine it with a lovely scene from a hilarious light movie and you get someone like me hooked.

I love Too Beautiful to Lie. I really do. And I really like this song. I have the original version by Seol Woon Do on my mp3 player and always listen to it while outside.

It's just such an uplifting song. And because I have associated it with the warm and fuzzy feeling the movie gives me, it becomes even sweeter in my ears.

Bellow is the original version sang live and also the scene from the movie. Along with the next scene from it, of how the idiot singing won the competition.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Camellia - Last Promos Out (Probably)

I swear, they don't get much prettier than this without going to the ugly "creepy doll" side

I have pictures and I will eventually have videos, since most of them can't be accessed by anyone outside Japan right now. The official site has a new video and DMM has many. The minute those hit Youtube, I'll post them.

The movie was released in Japan on October 22nd. No idea how it's been doing, but I am guessing any and every Kang Dong Won fangirl in Japan has seen it. Lucky them.

But the stills are from all three segments and the videos themselves have some more on "Iron Pussy" and "Kamome", with emphasis on "Kamome" since it's the Japanese segment and these materials are from Japan.

I only have 3 "Kamome" press conference videos for now.

I am afraid that if this goes the way Thailand's promotional campaign went, these are about the last new things we'll see of this until some DVD release. So, fingers, arms and legs crossed that we'll get a DVD of this soon. If not with English subs, then at least Japanese, Chinese, Thai. Any kind of subs that can be translated.

So here are the photos and videos.

Many a Little Romance - Official MV

Cute song for what looks like a cute movie. I will upload the HD version when it's out.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cats! So Many Cats! In "Dancing Cat"!

Dancing Cat
This just cat-apults me into a sea of "awwww"!

A documentary solely about cats! A whole documentary dedicated to cats and photography! A whole documentary on catography!!! Am I cating weird??!!

Of course I am! Do they not know that someone like me loses all composure and the power of education when they show me such creatures?

"Dancing Cat" is an upcoming South Korean film about the work of poet Lee Yong Han and his affection for all these lovely kittehs. He photographs them and even names those he sees often in his neighborhood.

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