Friday, October 28, 2011

Many a Little Romance - Stills & Trailer

Many a Little Romance

Yet another romantic comedy (although it stills says melodrama in the info) from South Korea which I am looking forward to, as of late.

I really liked Han Ye Seul ever since "Fantasy Couple". She was just one of those people that caused positive feelings in me. After this whole Myeong Wol mess broke out, I like her even more. Frankly, no matter how risky a move it was, it set fire to some asses that needed to sit on some good ol' hot coal and think about what they're doing. Ballsy, "not professional", but I feel she did good.

As for Song Joong Ki, I really didn't like him at first. Mainly because the first I ever heard of him was when he published a book on how to maintain perfect skin... I admire men who take care of themselves, but publishing a book for it is leaning a bit too far on the metro side, I felt.

Then I watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal (well, 2-3 episodes left to watch still) and I liked what I saw acting-wise. I don't love the series or anything, but his character is refreshing and I see potential. Also, I admit it. The bastard has awesome skin.

So I am a bit more sold on Many a Little Romance now. Which is the movie in the title, as your amazing skills of deduction might have already revealed to you.

I am not as excited for this as I am for Chilling Romance (not by a mile), but it's still a good movie to keep an eye out for. I'm game for a romance movie. Not series. I need a break from those because I think my higher brain functions are starting to deteriorate from too much fangirl-oriented scriptwriting.

So, here are some stills and a trailer.

You can find the rest of the stills at its page on Hancinema.

Many a Little Romance1

Many a Little Romance2 Many a Little Romance3

Many a Little Romance4 Many a Little Romance5

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