Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kang Dong Won - MVIO Photoshoot 1

Another of my favorite photoshoots of his. I really like the clothes here, even if the hats are a bit off and well, some of the clothes too. Still, nice fashion and the hair is lovely. Nice pictures too.

Although the concept of this cf is a bit weird. In one picture, he seems to be talking to a wall. In another one, he is holding vegetables in our face as if someone froze him in place as he was shopping at some street bazaar and dragged him to the shoot.

Also, what is with the oxygen masks? Are the properly fitting clothes restricting his respiratory functions? Is it claustrophobia? That would explain why he mostly dresses in things that are 5 sizes too big for him.

I love the weirdness though. A kooky man is at home with kooky concepts.







And here is the actual cf. Oh God. The clothes are making him look too nice. They fit so well. He can't take it! He's flatlining! Save him!

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