Sunday, October 16, 2011

Haunters Review at Hancinema

So, I decided to post the Haunters review over at Hancinema, after I made it slightly more civilized. Well, I took out the swear words just to be "polite", but everything else stayed, pretty much.

This is actually the most popular post in the blog, if Google Analytics is being honest, so I thought I'd release it there as well. Hopefully, readers don't dehydrate by the time they finish that monster.

I have a one-week long workshop I will get credits for so I might be a bit slower on the blogging department, but if any new stuff comes out for Camellia or something else of interest, I'll keep an eye out.

And before that, I may post some great photos from a Kang Dong Won photoshoot I love. Depends on how perky I'm feeling later today.

Also, if my dear Ethlenn manages to find the time, she will give me a summary of Kang Dong Won's interviews from the Camellia clip found at the official site here. I'll post it up for you, but she has a lot to do so no promises, guys. ^^
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