Monday, October 24, 2011

Fun With My Stats - What Brings People Here

As you may know, Blogger offers Stats for its blogs. Which means that I can see how many visits a day I have, from which countries and even which search terms bring people here. I thought I'd share some with you.

No worries, nothing private. I do not know that much about who visits. But here are some interesting searches that have led to this blog. I might make this a semi-annual thing or something. Post some interesting blog trivia.

  • Someone has apparently found my blog by googling the term "aaaaaargh". 16 hits, in fact. I guess my occasional (ok, a bit more than occasional) frustration with certain things has lead to this term being here somehow.

  • I once had a hit by someone who googled "indian pussy". Sorry, pal. I only have "Iron Pussy" in this blog and here she is. "Her" name is Michael.


    If you do fancy him though, he is openly gay and looks quite likable.

  • Someone googled "innocenteens" today. I did talk about corrupting innocent girls with the Camellia "hot" kissing pictures, but that was not the kind of "corruption" I had in mind. So, do kindly stay the hell away from my blog, you sick freak!

  • Kang Dong Won's recent scarecrow weight seems to be an issue with other fans as well. Whoever found my blog by googling "gang dong won weight loss", I feel you. I really do. There was no fat left on the man last time I saw any pictures of him. Now, he's never exactly been the chubby type and his "fattest" was around "Our Happy Time", which was just normal by human standards, but it looks like someone put a lock on his fridge during the last 2-3 years. I know you've been busy, love, but EAT!

    Before After
    Honestly, which one looks more healthy?

    And if any fangirls want to tell me that his Haunters weight is healthier because the skinnier the better, please do, so that I may pummel your asses properly, you worms.

  • Last, but not least, someone searched for the phrase "is seung-beom ryu gay". Well, if he is, I bet it would come as a really big shock to his long time girlfriend, Gong Hyo Jin. So, let's hope not, shall we? :P

As for top searches and countries that visit and so, there really isn't a need to know, but if you must, Kang Dong Won, Haunters and Korean movie posts are quite popular and my biggest audience is the U.S, followed by India, Finland, Singapore, Philippines and many many others. I've also had some visits from Neverland. Which was just what I read when I was too tired to see it spelled "Netherlands". I hope... O_O

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