Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Crucible - Small Win, Big Impact

Gong Yoo, writer of the book, Gong Ji Young and Jeong Yu Mi

Two new articles are out on this. First, president Lee Myung Bak acknowledged the film and the problem it presents and although I know better than to respect a politician, at least he admits they have issues. Lee gains one point from me on this.

Also, the big news. Inhwa School, where these incidents happened, has been forced to shut down by the Gwangju Metropolitan Office of Education. Like I said in my Hancinema article this weekend and in one of the two combined here, small win, but big difference for the victims.

I sincerely hope the people who ran it will never find another job close to people they can harm again. They can no longer be prosecuted for the same crime, but perverts are creatures of habit and as much as I do not wish to see another person fall into their hands, I know it will happen and I just hope someone is there to fry their ass that time around.

For now, they can kiss some netizen ass and go bye bye. And I hope they spend the rest of their days afraid to leave their house and walking with their backs facing walls.

Here is the article on President Lee and also the one about Inhwa School shutting down. Both found at Hancinema (the picture too). These are their sources.
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