Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chilling Romance Teaser Is Out

I mentioned the movie "Chilling Romance" in my Korean Movies 2011 - What Caught My Eye (Part 1) post in July. The movie is about a woman who sees ghosts and about a guy who falls for her and wants to protect her.

Now, the original genre I keep seeing everywhere is melodrama/romance, but I have to say, that is not what I see in the teaser. The teaser is hilarious, the music is so Danny Elfman that I had a nerdgasm by that alone and I frankly see this as a comedy/supernatural movie, along the lines of "Hello Ghost".

Granted, that one made me cry as it was a very sweet story, but it was still a comedy and "Chilling Romance" does not look like much of a melodrama either.

Son Ye Jin was hilarious in "Personal Taste" and I have only seen Lee Min Ki in "Haeundae", but he looks absolutely adorable and fun!

The teaser is priceless and I really hope that things are as wacky and fun as they seem. It put a smile on my face, it did! ^^

Love the scream when he is shown with half a shirt A fangirl from beyond, no doubt.

Trailer from Hancinema.
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