Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chilling Romance - New Posters, Stills, Official Site

This movie just keeps looking funnier and funnier, cuter and cuter. Two character posters are out for this, a few stills which I'll post, since you can't find them easily yet and also, an official site has launched, which is a whole other world of adorable!

Here is also the Youtube channel for CJEntertainment in english. They seem to be using the title "Spellbound" for the english trailer, so maybe that is the one that will be used abroad.

The posters are very nice and I just love the way they are using cuteness and horror side by side in such a playful manner. The style of the whole promotional campaign is consistent and it's just so cheery.

It is also interesting to note the question the teaser poses. Will there be a happy ending? Well, this is about as comedy and cute as you can get, as far as I see, so yes, there should be one. If there isn't, it will be yet another major "wtf" moment from a Korean work. They do seem to favor those. But a sad ending belongs in a movie with a tone appropriate for it. This looks plain "heppey".

Posters & Stills

Spellbound1 Spellbound2

Spellbound3 Spellbound4

Spellbound5 Spellbound6

Spellbound7 Spellbound8

(pictures are originally from naver and thanks to jjsweeter of DSS for posting them)

English Trailer

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