Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Camellia - New "Love for Sale" Stills from DMM

DMM. A japanese site which apparently has some video with making of from this segment or something. It keeps sending me to an error page so maybe you need to be registered. No idea. Will try again later. Keep your eyes on this post because any new versions of these pictures or the video or whatnot will be posted here and not in a new one. Oops, I did it again... New post for new images.

But thanks to the chinese fans over at Baidu and DC Gall, I have some new stills here. Not the best quality, but it's something. There hasn't been much news or stills from Thailand. I thought there would, but no.

So here are them stills then. A touchy feely foreign lady who is doing the sane thing and fondling the hot korean man, a picture where he looks as tense as if he's going to the dentist's, one where he is squeezing his lips together as I also do when I concentrate (he's probably trying to stare someone to death) and various other dark pictures. Also, a thing pointed at his face and a look from him which makes me want to buy him a kitty and a pastry just so he won't look so wronged and vulnerable.

Good stuff. No idea what they mean, but I don't expect much from this movie anyway. I still want to see it though so it better be available at some point.








Love this last picture. I know it reminds people of Skywalker's getup when he turns major dick and all, but my gamer nerd nature just reminds me of this bellow. They even have the same "Will slit your throat now" smile.


Assassin's Creep: The Busan Brotherhood.

And now I need to go. Preferably to watch a documentary on politics or something. I need something boring and lacking in any sensuality to de-gutter as fast as possible, before I fangirl myself into a kyaaing singularity and destroy the entire universe.

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