Saturday, October 22, 2011

Camellia - I ♥ Netizens

A while back, I posted an article on the kissing scenes in Camellia and some reactions of idiots netizens on the hotness of it. Based on the bellow pictures of a pre-peck and one where she just looks like she's admiring his eyeliner.

Camellia pecks

I decided to go back to Hancinema and check the original article there for any new comments, which just made my day.

Apparently, user Dongwanoppa loves him so much that, besides not even spelling his name right, she feels it's appropriate to say the things you see bellow about the also tragically misspelled Song Hye Kyo.

Dirty Girl!

That's right, you dirty girl! Stop shoving your tongue down our innocent and probably still a virgin oppa's throat! You, with your amazing looks, talents and prestige are in no way qualified to possibly fancy some man we all like, which you clearly do, since you actually dare kiss him while doing your job! Stop trying to seduce him with your dirty heart! Wash it first, at least!

Oh man... I'm still smiling. That was just too priceless a comment.

So next time you feel that me calling fangirls mentally disturbed and lacking any touch with reality is a bit extreme a statement, please remember such comments, which I see every single day.

And now I shall corrupt any young girl reading this and turn them promiscuous, with what the first picture in this post should be like to even call it kissing. And they never show the "good stuff" in these promotional videos either. From yours truly, with a lot of love, to Dongwanoppa and all such fangirls.

Kiss One

Kiss One

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