Friday, October 14, 2011

Camellia - A Couple of New Videos

And they can be found at the official site. The latter being an interview with Kang Dong Won, which always makes me sad I don't understand Korean well. Mainly because I'd have a good laugh with his awesome promotional and speech skills.

He just doesn't own them werdz. There doesn't seem to be a filter between his brain and his mouth and although that makes for an honest person, it's hell for the individual themselves. And if he's one of them "Talk for 10 minutes to make a 2-second point" people, I bet his audience suffers too.

But the icing on the cake would be if he were also like my mom. Switches topics every nanosecond and by the time she is done leaving all of them open and skipping around, she has forgotten what she originally wanted to say.

People. Gotta love people. We all have such quirks. That said, I prefer such celebrities to those who can and do fake niceness or basically act their heads off during every interview. After all, a good actor will be appreciated for their skills and they are the ones that do the "talkin'" that matters. Good promotional skills are just a plus to support the acting ones. But I guess certain flashy creatures who don't have much else to offer but words and cheap entertainment need to work them werdz very well.

So, anyway, here is the page for the video and an image from DC Gall.

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