Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Barerīna Bureinshisutemu - Them Catchy Things

Some things just seem to access a deep recess of one's mind and just stay there for a while. The nyan cat, caramelldansen and other memes are either successful because people find it trendy to spread them around or because they somehow work your brain in a way that makes you stuck with them.

The forever alone crap and all of its kind would be in the first category. I don't see how an ugly scribble can become so popular. Oh wait, I do. People are idiots and they will "like" anything to fit in with the herd. Nerds and fangirls... At least there is some effort of design and audio in the other two examples. Those would belong to the latter category.

But anyway, long intro to the song bellow. It has a very catchy tune. It's japanese, nutty and she frankly looks like she doesn't know what to do with herself in the MV, but the song is nice. I don't demand amazing quality or depth from music all the time so I can enjoy such "light" songs as well.

So, if you like such dance-y moments in your day, enjoy. Also, I just realized I have the caramelldansen loop playing in another window and now know why I've been typing this post extremely fast...

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