Friday, October 7, 2011

After ‘Dogani’, 1 Million Teachers To Be Probed


This article is out at Korea JoongAng Daily about quite a big wave of checking just how trustworthy these teachers are. The film has caused such a stir and citizens are furious. Not only that, after the movie came out and in light of the commotion, more people have found the courage to come out and report their problems and suspicions, causing an even bigger wave of mistrust.

I do realize there are good people out there who will have to go through these checks without deserving it, but if they are such kindhearted people, I feel they would not mind. After all, a good educator would fully understand the weight of this situation and the fear of parents who are trusting their most precious loved ones to these professionals and their institutions.

As I have said before, this will not change things radically. But by riding this wave of anger and frustration, a lot of people could have another chance to find justice and have their voices heard. And those changes are important to those involved. As for the probing part, well, I hope anyone found guilty will receive extra thorough "probing" and I am sure they will be extremely popular in jail.

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