Friday, September 2, 2011

Thank You, Google Analytics

For it seems there are people even more lazy than me. Here is what I discovered just now, when I was checking out who has been viewing my blog. This whooole site called "Film Drama Info" has basically copy/pasted all my content, without my permission, without crediting me and has been hosting advertisement on its pages, which means it could very well be making money off of my work.

I am giving "them" the benefit of the doubt and e-mailed "them" to at least credit and link me, but I thought making a post here would be a good idea in case they don't comply and I have to be a proper bitch and alert Blogger of this.

Now, my content isn't some source of enlightenment for all mankind, but even if it's just ramblings, it's my ramblings and no one will be making money off of it. They should at least acknowledge my slight contribution of being the author of it all.


To their defense, they do have a disclaimer reading:

I do not own the copyright of any of these photos or movie. They’re only photos and film I’ve found browsing the web. I’m not perplexing to take any credit for them. we only find them really pleasing and we wish to share them with some-more people. If your work is on here and we wish it removed, greatfully contact us.

So I have "gratefully" contacted them and asked to be fully credited. And I will "gratefully" report them if they don't listen so we can all be happy.

They also have a very funny banner, which made me like the site at first glance, so I am not going to be a bitch without a reason. If they don't give me one, we can all just get along.

Without further ado, here is my very automatically run-looking clone.

In more happy news, it seems I have found my place at a very new fan blog for my slight obsession with Kang Dong Won. "Slight" taken with a grain of salt, of course. Jessica, who was nice enough to comment on my blog as well, credits me and has my blog on her "Fan Links" list. Hope that means I've been useful. Thanks, 7 BEANs.
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