Friday, September 23, 2011

Protect the Minam - A Fangirl Epic

This was too awesome to be left without comment. In fact, I might make a whole post on such wonderful sayings and this topic. The topic is the hate fangirls have for anything female that goes near their object of horniness desire.

Just today, an article was released at Hancinema about a scene from the korean series Protect the Boss. The scene is about a fantasy the character played by Wang Ji Hye is having, of making out with the character played by Kim Jae Joong (Hero). Here is a photograph of it bellow.


It seems though, that a beautiful woman and good actress is not allowed to kiss this man for the needs of a television series, as he belongs to each and every one of his fangirls. He will get married ONLY to each of them alone and give her children.

It is no wonder then, that these women would be furious for what Wang Ji Hye did. She dared kiss this handsome man when he clearly should stay without sex or companionship for the rest of his life and not even touch women in his work as an actor.

Among comments like "My heart broken(T_T)(T_T)" and "No!!!!!!! Oppa ! I am speechless. Full of envy.", taken from the post my lovely Ethlenn made on this issue, we also have another epic one.

We have here an exhibit of that justified rage, in the form of a comment posted at Hancinema, to which I could not resist replying. Behold, the carefully constructed argument of a woman who has been terribly wronged by Kim and Wang.


Clearly, she has every right to be angry about this. She could probably even sue for this betrayal. So I ask you this now. How dare you do this to so many of his "one and only"'s, ugly duckly? How dare you...

Links, photos and the epic taken from Hancinema.
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