Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ouran Live Action Fans - Show Your Love!

If you want, that is. The Ouran Live Action fanpage in tumblr has made a Google Maps collection, where each fan can put a placemark in their location and add a message. The message will be sent to the production or possibly even tweeted to Hatori Bisco, the mangaka behind Ouran Highschool Host Club herself!

Here is the tumblr post with the instructions and a link to the map.

"Let’s create a map to show how worldwide the Ouran live action fandom is! To add yourself, click “Edit” > click the placemark picture > place it on your location > click “Done”. You can also change the color of your placemark with the top right icon of the pop-up window. Feel free to add other Ouran fans you know, and adding comments in the description box is encouraged!

A Google account is required to be added to the map, but if you don’t want to make one you can message me or comment on the Ouran forums with your name/location/color/comment about the live action you want in your description box, and we can add you.

After we get enough placemarks, we might share the map on the Ouran website’s message box or tweet them and Hatori Bisco!
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