Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kids - What A Nice Asian Movie

Now, as some of you may know, before I got into South Korean entertainment, I was into Japanese one. I actually started with watching Asian movies once every blue moon, a long time ago. Then in 2005, I got into anime. Then out of it and into live-action, eventually giving up anime and going for the real thing. Then going from Japan to Korea.

Now, I feel both Korean and Japanese movie and tv industries have good and bad and they could learn from each other. Japanese have smaller budgets, crappier CG, overall lower production value and their actors are worthless. Sorry, but they are. Especially younger popular ones. They feel cold and wooden. Most of them are like seeing puppets trying to imitate human behavior.

"Maybe if I overact enough, some sort of well placed emotion will come out..."

Korea, on the other hand, has awesome actors (and many wooden ones too), lots of money, but they have to learn to actually be original. Recycling is a bit too overdone and especially with tv series, it's like you've seen them all if you've seen a couple.

Kind of like shoujo manga and anime. Shoujo in general. It's not like Japan doesn't have its counterpart to this.

My Girl Over Flowers, You're Beautiful.

But I'm blabbering again. I wanted to give a brief mention and praise to the movie Kids, starring Tamaki Hiroshi and Teppei Koike. I will even make a small review at some point. What I love about this movie is that it has something beautiful to say and it says it with respect to the subject.

Even if the acting is very "japanese" (still a good effort compared to the usual loooow standard), the movie touched me enough to actually make me cry. I think the relationship of the characters was very well given. I also think it was quite good in quality. CG not overused, polished, the music wonderful, beautiful directing. Lovely.

It's a movie that friggin' makes you appreciate life and people, not want to slit your wrists by the end of it. Like most things melo seem hell bent on doing. So, here's a big fat "bravo" to this movie for that. Yes, it's a "young people and their friendship" movie and it does get emoey, but I forgive the means when it actually has something worthy to say.

Fact is, I haven't seen it in years and it's one of those movies I remember. One of those movies that makes me breathe out a sigh of "S'aaaaaall good" when I remember it. I feel kind of like Koike looks in this picture.


That said, here are two very nice songs from the movie. The first is a clip from it (no spoilers) and the song is simply uplifting and wonderful. I feel like smiling and gently rocking side to side when I hear it.

And if someone can tell me where that place they went to is, I'd love em forever, because I've been trying to find it ever since I watched this. The movie is filmed in Kisarazu, but they go on a 1-day excursion for this and I have no idea where it is. Been searching all nearby mountains and resorts so much on Google Earth, I've nearly learned every pond and lake around by heart. I've been searching for a loooong time.

Sasja Antheunis - Blue Skies, Happy Endings.

The second song is the official MV. Again, no major spoilers. Absolutely beautiful song. And frankly, compared to talentless logs like Kame, who sing like someone is tickling them with a feather in certain private areas, I'll take an "uncle" who has a nice voice any day.

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