Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Google Gravity - It's Raining Men

Hallelujah! This lovely piece of work seems to reach the same parts of our brains simple addictive puzzles, videos, images etc do. It's the google version of the Nyan Cat without the annoyance.

With Google Gravity, you can google anything you want and the results will appear in the same manner as the rest of the UI. You can also grab the elements and fling them around. Have fun!

I know I did. I googled Kang Dong Won's name and got showered with lovely pictures of him. I guess googling something/someone you dislike and flinging them around would also be satisfying.

The site can be found >>Here<<.

Also, here is an image of my fangirl nature getting the better of me. And lookey what we got there! My own blog! Ahaha. I feel proud now. I also feel like too much of a fangirl. Still in touch with reality though.

Raining Creep

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