Friday, September 2, 2011

Flaming Plagiarism Part 2

I have to say, I love automated stealing systems. I mentioned in my post bellow, Thank You, Google Analytics, that this site called has been copy pasting my posts, with some alarming english-to-bad-english translation.

But the good thing with them systems I mentioned, is that this previous post of mine was also pasted there. So now, they have in their site a post of mine dissing their site for using my material. And that is so hilarious and satisfying, in a weird way.

I am waiting for their e-mail and my site mentioned as the source or my material taken down. If it doesn't happen, I will have to take further action. But maybe they really do just want to share things of interest and will be kind enough to credit me or remove my posts. Can't judge them fully yet.

Here are two screenshots of the epic fail itself. Click for full versions. It seems all of my posts are there. Also, do read the text because some weird changes have been done to it. Do also notice the advertisements there. It's one thing to use my work without crediting me and a whole other to even make money off it.



Like I (apparently) said:

My calm isn’t a little source of note for all mankind, though even if it’s usually ramblings, it’s my ramblings and no a single will be creation income off of it...

Or as I myself typed it:

My content isn't some source of enlightenment for all mankind, but even if it's just ramblings, it's my ramblings and no one will be making money off of it.

Update: I can't reveal too much, but I think the person who did this really didn't mean to or know it was inappropriate. It will be sorted and I don't feel there will be any problems. I will not be mean to someone who made an honest mistake.
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