Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Crucible - On the Flipside

I wrote a post yesterday, about the article on how netizens and Daum are taking action after the movie "The Crucible", against the perpetrators of this specific crime and also sexual crimes against children in general.

But like I said, netizens can be major dicks as well. Forgive my French. See, it seems some are complaining about the movie showing the sexual abuse of children and ending with the case not being won in their behalf... So, my question to them is this: Are you fucking stupid? Although I really don't expect them to answer that, as they surely are.

Everyone who knows me also knows I hate and avoid sad endings. I avoid tragic movies, movies with illnesses or movies that look like they'll end badly. I get easily depressed with such works and prefer to "escape" to a nicer place through my entertainment. However, I have also said that if the tragedy is there for a solid reason, then I approve of it.

Some movies and dramas seem to be sad just for the sake of being sad and to cover how shallow and trivial their approach to a subject is. They are tear-jerkers. They are just after depressing audiences, not moving them and touching their hearts. And everyone who is sensitive (or a teenage girl) enough somehow see it as "poignant" and "deep" and magnificent.

Which brings us back to this movie. The movie is based on a book written on a true crime. The case was closed and the people responsible for molesting children got off easy or didn't even receive any punishment. So, why would the movie have a happy ending when the case didn't? And why wouldn't they show what happened to these children who didn't get justice?

The whole point of the movie is to raise awareness and unleash Hell upon these people. And you bitch about a sad ending? This isn't a rom-com made to cheer you up! You are walking into a theater to view a movie on child abuse! If you were expecting unicorns and rainbows, I am really surprised you can even get up and get dressed in the morning without major injuries.

And to those who will complain about child actors being in such scenes, I know the movie is graphic and looks very real, but have you ever seen a set? There's 40 people around, parents, other actors and the people playing these monsters aren't the character they are portraying. If any movie would care for the well-being of its child actors, it would be this one.

So, here is the article which inspired this post, released today at The Chosun Ilbo.

Hwang Dong Hyeok
Director Hwang Dong Hyeok - Picture taken from the video of The Chosun Ilbo.
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