Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Crucible - New Things Out

Some new stills are out and they can be found at Hancinema's gallery for this movie. There are also two new videos, including one with audience reactions to the film's screening. I wish I knew what they are saying, but a couple of them were pretty shaken up. I consider that a good thing, personally.

I think movies can be fun and entertainment, but they can also help people. They can educate, when used in the right way, help with imagination, broaden a person's horizons. On a personal level, some works can touch you or pull some heart strings that might even be yours and yours alone. What inspires, moves, astonishes someone is different for each person.

And then there are movies that can help in more concrete ways. Ones that face certain problems head on. I am hoping The Crucible will be such a movie. Child abuse exists in many forms, from battery to the "accepted" forms like whoring out your 3-year-old in Toddlers & Tiaras, whose makers and adult participants should all be jailed and burn in Hell, if it exists. I hope The Crucible really helps the situation, at least for the people who suffered through the real case the movie is based on and get the people responsible to pay.

The public opinion seems to raise Hell when an actress leaves the set or because Rain might be 2 cm shorter than what he said he was, so I do hope they can spare some energy for real problems and betrayals. I personally wish the best of luck to this film, the people involved and the real heroes who are fighting to get those monsters behind bars.

Bellow, I have 2 very beautiful stills from the poster shoot of the movie (low quality so far), which I plan to make another post on when the high quality versions are out. I said it before and I'll say it again. Gong Yoo has amazing potential and his way of carrying expressions and emotions is truly magnificent to watch.

TC Poster1
TC Poster2
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