Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Crucible - Netizens Take Action

An article has come out in The Korea Times about the stir The Crucible has caused. It appears thousands of Korean netizens and bloggers have started a petition, demanding that the abuse case be reopened and school re-investigated.

I am very happy to hear about this. Netizens are not my favorite people, as the main volume of them I hear about are psychos and demanding spoiled freaks, but it seems decent people are active online as well. Best of luck with this cause.

It also seems Daum has started an even bigger petition to abolish the statute of limitations for sexual crimes involving children, which was the very reason two of the accused in this incident walked out scot-free. Hopefully, this will succeed as well.

I've been following this movie ever since I heard news of it and it's been my hope that it would succeed in raising awareness on such a big issue. And unfortunately, it's a global issue. Children are the future "us" and we owe us both a better world.

I've seen enough to know the real guilty ones are never punished and money talks and it talks loud. I don't expect this to change the world or even South Korea. But in this unfair reality, small wins can mean the world to someone. Such as these victims.

The original article can be found here. Picture taken from Hancinema.

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