Saturday, September 3, 2011

Clone Posts Issue Solved

Like I said, one should look into things before judging. Ok, the copy fail is still hilarious, but this seemed to be more of a case of not being very clear on what had been done.

For anyone only seeing this post: Someone had copied all my posts through some RSS system and onto their website, which had also "translated" them into incomprehensible "english".

The person running the site answered very quickly to my e-mails and they took down all my posts they could find. Understanding, clean, no fuss. And like I also said, they do have a nice idea of gathering posts on topics of interest, but a better design and a proper import system would help. Because now it's just gibberish.

That said, I also did warn the owner to find a way to credit people within the posts themselves. I took the time to look into this properly, but not everyone might do the same. The owner could potentially get in trouble. Trouble that can be avoided by just crediting the original posters and sites.

But all is well on my end. Best of luck with this person's site and best of luck with mine here. What? I ain't a saint. I'll wish others AND myself well. Fine line between martyr and idiot. :P
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