Friday, September 30, 2011

Trying Out Disqus

So, in light of Blogger being a pain with commenting, I decided to try the Disqus platform. I am now fiddling with it so if you have any problems, sorry for the inconvenience.

I'll see how it works and if it's doable, I might just keep it. I seem able to comment using Disqus even without enabling third party cookies, so maybe others can as well.

P.S: I am in the process of importing old comments to this so they have "disappeared" for now. They are still safe and sound in Blogger though.

Update: Ok, so I think I'll keep this one. I have more control over it. I think you should be able to post as guests just fine, but the cookies deal is inevitable for logging into the other services.

I personally blocked third party cookies and just added to my exceptions. That way, I can just receive cookies from there and do my work without interruption. You can try that if you like or you can comment as guests as well.

So, let's see how this one goes and I hope it goes well.

Update 2: And Firefox decided to be annoying and not show an avatar image. It worked on IE for a while. Something with my template isn't right, probably. Have contacted Disqus and hopefully, they can check my code and help somehow.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

D'Oh! - Slight Changes Here

That's what you get for not looking at your settings thoroughly... I did not realize I could turn off the CAPTCHA before. I hate them and so does every other user.
So, I'm pleased to tell you that I found the setting and turned those bitches down for the sake of your eyes, sanity and comfort. Hope it makes things easier now.

I also thought about making the commenting form to be embedded under the posts, but I have had problems with posting my comments like that on a friend's Blog.
It works from Ubuntu so the template my friend has made is fine. It seems it's my version of Vista that is causing the page to just refresh and stopping my efforts.

Seeing as you have no means of telling me there's a problem, since I do not provide my e-mail and the only way most users could contact me is through comments, I will keep the full-page commenting, as ugly as it looks, because it ensures at least all users can comment, regardless of their operating system.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The 3 Means of Success For Hot Stars

The Korean Osen portal has an article on Kang Dong Won, Won Bin and Gong Yoo and 3 common elements between them which contributed to their success. The article is in Korean and I used Google Translate on the Chinese version because you get more accurate text through chinese than through Korean, which is painfully messed up in Google. I will explain in my own words here so that things are a bit clearer.

Kang, Won, Gong

The Crucible - On the Flipside

I wrote a post yesterday, about the article on how netizens and Daum are taking action after the movie "The Crucible", against the perpetrators of this specific crime and also sexual crimes against children in general.

But like I said, netizens can be major dicks as well. Forgive my French. See, it seems some are complaining about the movie showing the sexual abuse of children and ending with the case not being won in their behalf... So, my question to them is this: Are you fucking stupid? Although I really don't expect them to answer that, as they surely are.

Everyone who knows me also knows I hate and avoid sad endings. I avoid tragic movies, movies with illnesses or movies that look like they'll end badly. I get easily depressed with such works and prefer to "escape" to a nicer place through my entertainment. However, I have also said that if the tragedy is there for a solid reason, then I approve of it.

Some movies and dramas seem to be sad just for the sake of being sad and to cover how shallow and trivial their approach to a subject is. They are tear-jerkers. They are just after depressing audiences, not moving them and touching their hearts. And everyone who is sensitive (or a teenage girl) enough somehow see it as "poignant" and "deep" and magnificent.

Which brings us back to this movie. The movie is based on a book written on a true crime. The case was closed and the people responsible for molesting children got off easy or didn't even receive any punishment. So, why would the movie have a happy ending when the case didn't? And why wouldn't they show what happened to these children who didn't get justice?

The whole point of the movie is to raise awareness and unleash Hell upon these people. And you bitch about a sad ending? This isn't a rom-com made to cheer you up! You are walking into a theater to view a movie on child abuse! If you were expecting unicorns and rainbows, I am really surprised you can even get up and get dressed in the morning without major injuries.

And to those who will complain about child actors being in such scenes, I know the movie is graphic and looks very real, but have you ever seen a set? There's 40 people around, parents, other actors and the people playing these monsters aren't the character they are portraying. If any movie would care for the well-being of its child actors, it would be this one.

So, here is the article which inspired this post, released today at The Chosun Ilbo.

Hwang Dong Hyeok
Director Hwang Dong Hyeok - Picture taken from the video of The Chosun Ilbo.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Crucible - Netizens Take Action

An article has come out in The Korea Times about the stir The Crucible has caused. It appears thousands of Korean netizens and bloggers have started a petition, demanding that the abuse case be reopened and school re-investigated.

I am very happy to hear about this. Netizens are not my favorite people, as the main volume of them I hear about are psychos and demanding spoiled freaks, but it seems decent people are active online as well. Best of luck with this cause.

It also seems Daum has started an even bigger petition to abolish the statute of limitations for sexual crimes involving children, which was the very reason two of the accused in this incident walked out scot-free. Hopefully, this will succeed as well.

I've been following this movie ever since I heard news of it and it's been my hope that it would succeed in raising awareness on such a big issue. And unfortunately, it's a global issue. Children are the future "us" and we owe us both a better world.

I've seen enough to know the real guilty ones are never punished and money talks and it talks loud. I don't expect this to change the world or even South Korea. But in this unfair reality, small wins can mean the world to someone. Such as these victims.

The original article can be found here. Picture taken from Hancinema.


Kang Dong Won - #Channel Color Photos 2

The black and white (for the most part) pictures from this, as well as the video from the making of the Photobook can be found here, here and here.

The first batch of color photos can be found here.

Do keep in mind that most of these are not as good in quality or resolution as the black and white ones. Also, we have annoying watermarks in some. Again, sorry for those.

Kang48 Kang49

 Kang50 Kang51

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fans, Fangirls And...? Between a Rock and a Hard Place

This is it. My first article at Hancinema. I will be writing about 3-5 articles a month or so, on all topics of bitching and praising that I would here, just with slightly better manners in the language and passion department. I can't exactly go dissing or cursing at such a place. Fear not, though, because I'll still be as I used to in my blog. My reviews will also remain the same. I can crosspost between here and Hancinema, so I can write my bigger versions of things here and adjust them a bit for use there.

So, here goes the article and you can find it in its original source at Hancinema.

Someone told him that the fangirls are coming...

This is an introductory article of sorts. I am a new article writer at Hancinema and I thought this is as good a topic as any to start with. I would like to talk about a category of fans here. Specifically speaking about fans of Asian entertainment and indeed, Korean entertainment. About something which does not seem to have its own definition and is starting to feel like a minority. It seems there are a lot of people who are "fans" and a lot who are "fangirls" and "fanboys", but the middle ground feels so left out that there isn't even a name for it. But let's define the two existing ones first. I will speak in relation to actors and actresses, although these do apply for all popular entertainment personas.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Protect the Minam - A Fangirl Epic

This was too awesome to be left without comment. In fact, I might make a whole post on such wonderful sayings and this topic. The topic is the hate fangirls have for anything female that goes near their object of horniness desire.

Just today, an article was released at Hancinema about a scene from the korean series Protect the Boss. The scene is about a fantasy the character played by Wang Ji Hye is having, of making out with the character played by Kim Jae Joong (Hero). Here is a photograph of it bellow.


It seems though, that a beautiful woman and good actress is not allowed to kiss this man for the needs of a television series, as he belongs to each and every one of his fangirls. He will get married ONLY to each of them alone and give her children.

It is no wonder then, that these women would be furious for what Wang Ji Hye did. She dared kiss this handsome man when he clearly should stay without sex or companionship for the rest of his life and not even touch women in his work as an actor.

Among comments like "My heart broken(T_T)(T_T)" and "No!!!!!!! Oppa ! I am speechless. Full of envy.", taken from the post my lovely Ethlenn made on this issue, we also have another epic one.

We have here an exhibit of that justified rage, in the form of a comment posted at Hancinema, to which I could not resist replying. Behold, the carefully constructed argument of a woman who has been terribly wronged by Kim and Wang.


Clearly, she has every right to be angry about this. She could probably even sue for this betrayal. So I ask you this now. How dare you do this to so many of his "one and only"'s, ugly duckly? How dare you...

Links, photos and the epic taken from Hancinema.

The Crucible - Star Date Interview

Here is an interview with Gong Yoo and Jung Yoo Mi from the show Star Date. They briefly talk about their new movie, The Crucible.

I did not know Gong Yoo initiated the production for this. Good on the man and good on anyone who helped make this happen, as well as the writer of the original book who gave those people a voice.

Here is the video and I will be posting more on this as I find it. If you want to know more on the movie, visit Hancinema's page for it and check the tags on my blog.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kang Dong Won - #Channel Color Photos 1

The black and white (for the most part) pictures from this, as well as the video from the making of the Photobook can be found here, here and here.

Now I'll post some of the colored ones from the same collection. Do keep in mind that most of these are not as good in quality or resolution as the black and white ones. Also, we have annoying watermarks in some. Again, sorry for those.

Kang35 Kang36

 Kang37 Kang38

Movie Review - Gantz

Gantz Poster

* Title: Gantz
* Japanese: 前編

* Director: Shinsuke Sato

* Runtime: 130 min
* Language: Japanese
* Country: Japan
* Leads: Ninomiya Kazunari, Matsuyama Kenichi



College student Kei Kurono (Kazunari Ninomiya) notices former childhood friend Masaru Kato (Kenichi Matsuyama) helping a drunk man who fell from a subway platform. Kei Kurono then jumps down to help his childhood friend. A few moments later, the subway train rapidly approaches and both men look on helplessly on as their life is about to end.

The next moment, Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato finds themselves in a strange apartment with a mysterious giant black sphere and others who have recently died. The massive black sphere in the center of the living room is "GANTZ". GANTZ then assigns the people gathered in the room on missions to exterminate aliens.- Asianmediawiki

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Google Gravity - It's Raining Men

Hallelujah! This lovely piece of work seems to reach the same parts of our brains simple addictive puzzles, videos, images etc do. It's the google version of the Nyan Cat without the annoyance.

With Google Gravity, you can google anything you want and the results will appear in the same manner as the rest of the UI. You can also grab the elements and fling them around. Have fun!

I know I did. I googled Kang Dong Won's name and got showered with lovely pictures of him. I guess googling something/someone you dislike and flinging them around would also be satisfying.

The site can be found >>Here<<.

Also, here is an image of my fangirl nature getting the better of me. And lookey what we got there! My own blog! Ahaha. I feel proud now. I also feel like too much of a fangirl. Still in touch with reality though.

Raining Creep

Monday, September 19, 2011

Kang Dong Won - Black & White Batch 3

I posted Parts 1 and 2 a while back (Part 1 has a video too) so here is the final part of the black and white pictures from Kang Dong Won's #channel photobook and DVD set. The colored ones will come later, as I have already mentioned. Again, these were taken from various sources so I apologize for watermarks and inconsistency in quality and resolution.

Also, the two last pictures are hazardous to fangirl health, so be warned. Although, frankly speaking, the man could use some meat on those bones. Still, what a beautiful person, says the "appreciative of human nature" side of me. You really don't want to know what the fangirl side is thinking. Although "thinking" and "fangirl" rarely go together...

Kang25  Kang26

Kang27 Kang28

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Update - Clicking on Pictures

So, it seems that the pictures which function as links to the bigger versions, you can just open in a new window by right clicking and choosing your option or then just by clicking the mouse wheel.

If the new system of pop up images bothers you, you can try that one. It does suck that any video or music playing will stop when the pictures come up, but no choice but to follow Blogger on this.

New Blogger Interface Has Issues

Which is fine. It's normal for every new thing to be in need of trials and improvement and all. But I feel I should warn you about something then.

When you now click on my pictures here, you will probably get a nice pop up of them in the same browser window. That is lovely and all, but if you have my music player on and listening to the songs there, it will stop the minute you click on a picture. Which is quite annoying.

I am hoping Google will fix those things sooner or later so until then, patience. Mainly from me, because I may well be the only one bothered by this. XD

New Theme Here Early

Well, it was pretty clear how things were going anyway and I couldn't resist and not work on something. Actually, worked on a few possible themes. So here he is. Here to gutter you and me for a while. Admit it. We need it.


Thank you to those who voted and hope the theme is nice and easy to navigate. There might still be some details that need changing, but I don't notice anything right now. Do tell if something is bothering you.

Something I can change. Because if you are certain ladies who can't stand this man when he looks at the lens, then I am afraid I can't help you. Just put your hand over his face when you visit, loves.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Camellia - Few New Stills

This is the first time I'm posting using the new fugly Blogger UI so let's see how it goes. I got a few new Camellia pictures here, mainly taken from thai sites which got updated over the last 2-3 days or so. We have some from all three segments.

LFS Kitchen LFS Teddy
Kamome Jacket IP Picnic
IP Car IP Scarf
IP Beau in Make up IP Embrace

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Camellia Out In Thailand Tomorrow

15th of September. The day after which I'll have awesome laughs when trying to get people's opinions in thai through the awful Google Translate. Useful, but the texts that come out of there are just hilarious with some languages.

So, fun days ahead. I bet a lot of new material will come out, as well. At least I hope it will. But for now, some Kamome stills and two posters from the movie's release in Japan on October 22nd. One Iron Pussy too. Can't leave her out of this.

Kamome_1 Kamome_2
Kamome_3 IP_view
Camellia Poster Japan 1 Camellia Poster Japan 2

Pictures taken from various places I don't remember.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vote for my New Theme

I want to play around with polls so here is one on the side of the page right now. Vote for my new theme. I will still do what I please, but it will be nice to see how many votes each of these gets and if I see a lot of love for one of them, I'll strongly consider doing that, since they're all things I like and will do sooner or later. And I get to see if anyone sticks around long enough to vote. :P

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Crucible - New Things Out

Some new stills are out and they can be found at Hancinema's gallery for this movie. There are also two new videos, including one with audience reactions to the film's screening. I wish I knew what they are saying, but a couple of them were pretty shaken up. I consider that a good thing, personally.

I think movies can be fun and entertainment, but they can also help people. They can educate, when used in the right way, help with imagination, broaden a person's horizons. On a personal level, some works can touch you or pull some heart strings that might even be yours and yours alone. What inspires, moves, astonishes someone is different for each person.

And then there are movies that can help in more concrete ways. Ones that face certain problems head on. I am hoping The Crucible will be such a movie. Child abuse exists in many forms, from battery to the "accepted" forms like whoring out your 3-year-old in Toddlers & Tiaras, whose makers and adult participants should all be jailed and burn in Hell, if it exists. I hope The Crucible really helps the situation, at least for the people who suffered through the real case the movie is based on and get the people responsible to pay.

The public opinion seems to raise Hell when an actress leaves the set or because Rain might be 2 cm shorter than what he said he was, so I do hope they can spare some energy for real problems and betrayals. I personally wish the best of luck to this film, the people involved and the real heroes who are fighting to get those monsters behind bars.

Bellow, I have 2 very beautiful stills from the poster shoot of the movie (low quality so far), which I plan to make another post on when the high quality versions are out. I said it before and I'll say it again. Gong Yoo has amazing potential and his way of carrying expressions and emotions is truly magnificent to watch.

TC Poster1
TC Poster2

Friday, September 9, 2011

Camellia - More and More New Stills!

Some more stills from the scene I had in the previous Camellia post. Also spoilery, obviously, so I will add them in a tag.Guess what! We got Iron Pussy too! I found out that there is a 2003 movie this is connected to and will write about it once I've watched it. Asap!

Love for Sale Spoilery Ones

And now the one. The only. You know who she is. Iron Pussy! But first, her beau.

IPBeau1 IPBeau2

IP Style1 IP Style2

IP Cute Couple

The woman is kicking ass with a clutch bag in her hand! Ahaha! It's just beyond words epic. Also love the heart they make in the last picture. How sweet! I've been saying it a lot, but her wardrobe is just fabulous...

Byturen - Lovely Piece of Interactive Advertising

I found this video through my contacts in Facebook and I just loved how it uses technology, creativity and smarts to make its point.

This is a campaign made by a company called Movia, which provides night buses in Copenhagen. The video is a juxtaposition of the idealization of a night out partying and what things may really be like when you're too drunk to see them clearly. The text at the end of the video asks "Is it time to get home?".

You can click on the site and view the video. By hovering your mouse over it, you see the less flamboyant side of things. Be sure to watch many times so that you can fully enjoy how inspired and fresh this is. Interactive advertising at its best.

Camellia - New Stills (Maybe Spoilery)

Ok, some new stills are out from the "Love for Sale" segment, but here's the thing. These might have a major spoiler. Actually, they do have major spoilers, but I'm not sure what they spoil. If these are from the very end of the segment, they reveal a lot. If these show how things got started or something then the ending is still safe for you.

Decide if you mind and then click. I personally don't mind any spoilers for this since it's not exactly my type of movie and Kang Dong Won and Iron Pussy are all I want to see. Ok, Song Hye Kyo too, cause I just like her a lot.

I got these from Kang Dong Won's baidu forums and it seems there might be more so I'll keep an eye out.

Sure you don't mind?

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