Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Singer Sen - Lovely Music

Although I have no favorite music, movies, games etc, since I love too many and they also vary quite a lot sometimes, some things are just too nice not to obsess over. And boy, do I obsess over music as well. I have been known to play a single song on loop, for over 6 hours a day and for several days. I just "click" with some works and can't get enough of them. In the same way I can watch a movie 60+ times within 2-3 months (like Detroit Metal City back in 2009). Nerds will be nerds.

So, a classmate of mine from the Japanese language course (bless him and his mp3 player) introduced me to the first song of the three bellow. He was browsing through the songs on his player for me and another classmate. I didn't realize is was love at first play with this piece, but I had to note down the artist and title to check it out when I got back home.

It's been pretty much all I've been listening to for the last few days, along with the second song here. Now, I don't really connect with some of her other songs, but if someone has to "fall for" a song to like it, they will never like absolutely everything by any given artist.

One thing is for sure. I love these pieces (the third one is a bit cheekier in style), love her voice and style and can't wait to hear more from this lady.

Her album is on sale through iTunes and can also be found on places like YesAsia. Also, here is her MySpace page.

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