Friday, August 26, 2011

Kang Dong Won - Some Nice Quality Photos

Here are some nice quality pictures of Kang Dong Won. I might post specific photoshoots or themes together, but these are random. These are the best quality I could find (of these specific photos) and if any watermarks are present, I apologize. They annoy me too, given it is the photographers, magazines and such which hold the rights, rather than the fans who provide them.

I will post more recent stuff at some point, but he has been terribly skinny and not at his best over the last few years. If I thought he's the kind who gives a damn about pleasing fangirls, I'd say he became like a stick to please them, but then he'd have gained muscle and worked out a bit.

He doesn't seem the work out type though, besides playing soccer (he's said it himself). And he's not the fangirl pleasing type either, as far as I've seen. So his weight loss worries me. I'm hoping he was just too busy to mind his diet and simply lost weight without noticing. Also hoping the army will feed him a bit and get some meat back on those lovely bones. Best of luck with his health and service.

Click on the images for the full picture.

Kang Dong Won 1 Kang Dong Won 2

Kang Dong Won 3 Kang Dong Won 4

Kang Dong Won 5Kang Dong Won 6

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