Friday, August 12, 2011

God's Quiz 2 Subbing Start Made!

Good news! It's still going slow, but good news. So season 2 is getting a start in subtitling, over at DSS. For those who don't know a thing about this show, click on a "God's Quiz" tag above or on "The Useful Things" on the right side of the page and see what I've written about it, if you like.

So, the first two episodes are up for translation from chinese subs. Going very slow compared to popular shows, as there is not a big croud into subbing this, but it's a start. And if DarkSmurf's transcribing* projects work out, Season 1 would come soon as well.

If anyone is interested in joining the translation/subbing for it, DarkSmurfSub is the place to do it. It will be slow, but hopefully more people will hear of it and want to help. This is a really nice show for its genre and it's something different from what makes S.Korean dramas known. Romance and silliness or romance and tragedy. This is fresh and it works.

Without further ado, here is the English Subtitles page for it on DarkSmurfSub.

We're slowly getting there, people! ^^ Here's a happy pic to match the mood!


Note: Transcribing the subtitles means that images of the subtitled lines from the episodes are added as screenshots. The subbers see the lines and type them in text (not image) form for the translators to work based on those. Why the hard way? No programs to fully support Chinese language to make it easier.

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