Monday, August 15, 2011

Camellia - Some Stills From "Love for Sale"

Why only from this segment? Because I bookmarked many a gallery for Kang Dong Won, but not for the other actors. So, his fans post things that include him and nothing else (most of the time). I'd love to see more stills from the other two segments, especially my most beloved Iron Pussy, but I can't find that many. I'm sure I'll get them all when the movie is out in Japan, this October. Until then, here are some stills and my comments on them, if anyone gives a damn about those. I wouldn't. :P Not if someone gave me pictures of Kang Dong Won to drool over.

Click on the pictures for bigger versions.

Poster 1 Poster 2

Two of the posters. As much as Dong Won's about-to-fall-asleep or mind-shutting-off face cracks me up, there is no Iron Pussy in this second poster. I'll take the first one. There is no Camellia without Iron Pussy.

Confrontation 1 Confrontation 2

He looks like crap and he's wearing heavy eyeshadow... But he's still gorgeous, damn him... *slaps self*. I'm good. I'm back.

Poster 3 Hands

Another poster and a hazy still. I have to say, despite being crazy about Dong Won, Song Hye Kyo's powerful glance steals the show on this first picture. She is stunning and that look is absolutely captivating and unnerving, somehow. She looks ruthless, sadistic and content. Bad combination. As for the second picture, he's either regretting something he did with those beautiful hands or he's feeling sorry for what the bad guys did to said beautiful hands. And of course it would be the first one.

Beach 1 Noodle 1

The noodle-hat incident. It seems the lady was a sadist long before she became a snake-worshiping weirdo. And we also see how the guy's past wasn't much different from his future. We just went from nosebleeds and noodle-hats to heavy contusions and scratches. One has to wonder, however, what did he do to deserve that kind of a treatment from her?

Noodle 2 Noodle 3

He's sulking and then sitting there like a king while she is wiping the blood away... Yeah, he had it coming. It's really interesting to see what the heck is going on in this segment. The characters in the past feel so different from their make-up loving future selves.

Teddy Lumberjacks

My first thought for the first picture was "She looks so happy there, with her snugly teddy bear". Then I wondered why she is not snuggling with her boyfriend. Not that he's in a squeezable state. He's been only skin and bones during the last 3-4 years. And my goodness, what a cluttered place. Also, the matching lumberjack shirts in the second picture are very cute. Cute couple. Can't wait to see what went wrong.

Purty Smoke

I hate smoking, but I do understand the smokers. We all have an addiction or many, in many different forms. But as bad as smoking is for one's health, one can't deny it's a very sensual and aesthetically beautiful act. The act of smoking a cigarette. It can be used in a beautiful way, strictly speaking about the visual elegance of it (if it's done in certain ways). In other words, this is a very hot picture.

Beach 2 Tentacle

These look like regular behind the scenes stills, but take a look at what he's holding on his right hand in the second picture. My reaction was a mix of giggles and terror. That would make a mean vinegar stew. Mmmm...


As weird an addition as the eyeshadow is, he's rockin' it. Then again, that's a pair of very captivating and intense eyes. Eyeshadow only enhances that. That and the creepiness, according to some.

Snowmen Tension

Happy couple being not so happy, eventually. And terribly not happy when the snake-worship and guns come into play, I'm guessing.


Last, but not least, from this couple. The awesome look of Song Hye Kyo.

And now a little "Kamome" and "Iron Pussy". Did you really think I'd close this post, or any Camellia post without Iron Pussy?


Kamome segment. Poor girl isn't all there. But the fact that he cares and doesn't take advantage of her makes the whole thing very sweet, doesn't it? If that is the case, which it seems to be.

The Ultimate

And of course, who can not mention the one, the only, the ultimate Iron Pussy. I'm growing rather fond of this character while expecting the movie. Sure, the name is hilarious, but she seems like a strong person that hasn't had an easy life. And yet she's still kicking ass and looking gorgeous. I'm hoping for a happy ending in this one. Only because I feel Asia needs more happy-ending stories of gay and transsexual people, which are usually portrayed either as comedic stereotypes or tragic figures without a chance at happiness or a normal life. Which is very far from the truth.

Iron Pussy

And here she is, sporting fabulous mid-century fashion (my favorite period in style, furniture, architecture etc) and a pair of killer legs, I might add. Michael Shaowanasai might look like your friendly neighborhood souvlaki tavern owner,



but I have a feeling he's gonna be a very successful Iron Pussy. He's not going to beat Cillian Murphy's Kitten or Emma Skilpa or anything. After all, no one has beaten Murphy at that yet and I doubt anyone ever will, but Iron Pussy is a former secret agent and probably skilled in seduction. I doubt they'd cast a graceless next door "uncle" for her. I hope they didn't. I've reached a point where I'm looking forward to this and especially to Iron Pussy's story.

Pictures taken from Hancinema and Kang Dong Won's Baidu and DC galleries.

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