Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Camellia - New Trailer Out!

Brace yourselves... This is dubbed. I suggest just turning off the sound for it because it's horrible, but we got so many scenes showing. My comments after the link and Iron Pussy segment stills following. Of course there would be!

Funny how I was saying, just last night on my Camellia - Some Stills from "Love for Sale" post that Kang Dong Won's character must have done something preeetty bad for him to get so much Hell for. Well, I was right... KILL HIM!!! I honestly don't blame the woman for anything she does to him now. Story aside, the actors look adorable together and the couple seems so lovey dovey. I like when a couple feels natural. Kdramas create a whole other reality where the couple seems too restrained and as if acting on cue. Also, will you look at that. A kiss. And another! A rarity from Kang Dong Won. If translations were right, he said he hates romance. With what most kdramas have come to, can't blame the man. I guess he hates the conventional one, since there has been some romance or other in some of his movies and series.

Speaking about Kamome, again, how cute is it? Awww. It's no shock that a guy would like a fragile and peculiar woman, it's the whole "protect the innocent" instinct that makes them feel manlier and all, but he's being so nice about it. Unfortunately, I don't see a happy ending for them and it's a shame. Still, if what they get from their time together helps them both when moving on (be it in this world or another), I won't mind.

As for Iron Pussy, I'm actually a bit hopeful now. We see a shooting scene, which means he probably doesn't die. Maybe the scenes with the masked man are him and her in the future. Maybe she narrates what happened and she let him live in order to be with him. I hope that's the case and I hope they live happily ever after. It would be a big surprise from such a movie and it would win me over, to be honest.

So, to sum up, I want Song Hye Kyo's character to completely annihilate Dong Won's. I want the bastard to pay for what he did, even if he doesn't remember it. If he didn't have some sort of a whacky amnesia story behind him when he left her pregnant for another woman, he has to pay. And by the looks of it, he does! Woo hoo! Sorry... I like justice a bit too much...

I got so worked up over this movie when writing all this, that I now reeeally want it to be good. I am hoping this won't be the type of artsy crap I hate and I am so interested that I want to believe it won't be. I guess I will be cautiously optimistic. I do realize this is a segmented movie, a collaboration, an indie film, the type that usually is artsy crap, but I'll have faith for now.

And because I can't hide my new favorite, just for being such a colorful and lady character, here she is, ladies and gentlemen. Iron Pussy, in all her glory!



As for comments on these pictures, all I can say is that I wish I live long enough to be a kooky older lady wearing that kind of fashion. I'm just a sucker for this style. I am also even more interested to see Michael Shaowanasai in action. Finally, kudos to the whimsical retro poster. Brought a smile to my face.

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