Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Camellia - Kiss and Netizen Wisdom

Am I being too much of a bitch whiner lately? I am, aren't I? Well, it's the price of being in the mood to talk a lot. I'll talk a lot about things I like, but also things I dislike. Yet another awesome article containing netizen wisdom is out, this time about the kissing in Camellia. Kang Dong Won's and Song Hye Kyo's segment, of course. Here's a picture, which seems to miss the more intimate kissing shown in the trailer, but I guess the minds of "innocent" teens would explode with that.

Camellia Kiss

According to the article, netizens say "It's like you're doing it for real!", "I feel my heart thump just from the pictures", "What movie has this many kiss scenes? I'm jealous!".

Wow. Imagine that. Two good acknowledged actors are actually kissing like they're "doing it for real". Like they are supposed to. It takes some low standards to be impressed by basic acting. Also, what do they mean "for real"? A kiss is real, feelings or no feelings. Lips touch (in kdrama barely), tongues touch too, sometimes. If by "real kissing" they mean "kissing with wuv" then awww. How cute. I guess I could tell them that kissing could be enjoyed without eternal undying love, but then the "worried parents'" association would have my head.

As for thumping hearts, I have a gaga girly celebrity crush on the guy and I can still control my heart rate most of the times. If this is all it takes for cardiovascular abnormalities, fangirls must be in constant danger.

As for movies that have this many kissing scenes, well... I won't even go there. It seems the "will only give her one peck during the entire series to show my burning passion for her" rule that applies in series is keeping people in the dark about libido and its manifestations.

Netizen wisdom aside, I can't say I don't like the idea of kissing in this. They are a couple, right? It helps the immersion along if couples in movies and series act like couples. I might not need to see every single thing they do as a couple, which is the other in-bad-taste end of the spectrum, but some nice kissing is sweet, sensual but not vulgar. Unless the viewer is a rotten woman like me...

Although, what the heck is that thing on his head? I don't trust that second kiss. She's probably trying to stimulate his brain waves (among other things...) to steal his memories or his secrets on applying lasting eye-make up.

Netizen wisdom and picture from Hancinema.Translated from a Nate news article.

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