Thursday, August 25, 2011

Camellia - Checked Shirt Couple and Watermarks

Let's go to the first part of this post before ending with a small complaint of mine and then my comment on the picture. I am trying to tone down the negative energy lately so you'll have happy happy posts from now on and for a while... Mainly...

So, here's another picture of this nice Camellia couple from the "Love for Sale" segment. If you don't know about Camellia, click on a tag and find out.

Also click on the picture for full size, like most pictures in this blog are given.

Camellia Couple

This picture was taken from this fansite.

Which brings me to the complaint. Why did I just give you this fansite? Because it seems to me most fan(girl)s like to feel they are somehow superior to others for having better sources or a better resolution version of a certain picture.

Also, I hate watermarks, with passion. I loathe them. Fans who add a big "THIS WAS FOUND BY ME" watermark on the picture which is about as soothing to the eyes as an electric drill penetrating them. If you are a fan(girl) then you know that each pixel of the man's face is valuable. Mainly because other fan(girl)s like me drool at the sight of every inch of a hot man we like.

So, how would you like it if you were staring into his beautiful eyes, admiring his lovely nose and thinking of how nice his li-THIS WAS POSTED BY MEEEEEEEE!!!! See? Do you like that? Watermarks are annoying and just there to tickle the ego of the fans posting them. As if finding a picture before anyone else is something to be proud of (unless you make money to feed your family with). It's that fan obsession of owning the object of horni desire.

Stop ruining someone's (photographer, visual artist, the actor themselves) work as if marking your territory. Dogs are allowed to pee on trees, but they don't claim to admire them or ruin them for other dogs. They also don't have internet access, which would be lovely for some of these fans.

Mark a manipulated work you made, mark your own works, if you are afraid of theft, add a small signature on a corner, but stop ruining other works and then acting like bleeding hearts for letting us have a crappy resolution version of them with your love stamp all over it.

So, the picture itself is really nice. I have another one from this scene in some other post here. Love their matching shirts. Very couple-y of them. Due to my teeth woes lately, I haven't been eating much proper solid food, which, I am ashamed to say, had me staring more at that skewer thingy than Kang Dong Won for a while. But to my defense, I did get back on to him fairly quick.

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