Monday, August 22, 2011

Camellia - Another Batch of Stills

Stills till I drop! These are also from Five Star Movie. Wish I could read thai right about now, but there's info on the movie, cast and some trivia at the end, I think. But here they all are, in sequence, sort of. I think... At least the Past, Present and Future ones. Damn these language barriers! XD

My second favorite would have to be the first from Iron Pussy. I just love the fangirl hug Iron Pussy is giving him. Head to chest, hands on waist, near certain grope-able areas. Awww.

And it's only second favorite cause of you-know-who. Hey, I'm not gonna start screaming "Kyaaaa, oppaaaaa!", but enjoying his nice long arms, beautiful shoulders and back, big manly hands, captivating eyes.... Sorry, what was I saying again?

Camellia 1 Camellia 2
Camellia 3 Camellia 4
Camellia 5 Camellia 6
Camellia 7 Camellia 8
Camellia 9

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